Friday, May 16, 2014

Knock knock..anybody there? ;-)

Yup... it's been a while (uhmm.. almost 3 years...oops... shame on me ;-)) since I've posted on my blog...buuuut... I'm baaaaaaack!! I hope you still remember me after such a long time... haha!

Still totally addicted to Tulip Puffy Paint, stickpins, flowers, my Orbis Circle Cutter and anything pink and that glitters...guess that'll never change.. glad I've found my mojo back!

Since it was Mother's day last week.. I decided to create some little cards for my mom and my mother in law... Okay.. it's not really what I had in mind when I started... but I think I'm kinda satisfied with the results ;-)

Here's the 1st one for my mom:

And some more details....worked with some old My Mind's Eye paper scraps here...

For the second one for my mother in law I handcut one large flower which turned out to be the eyecatcher of the card which I started layering with a circle with foam tape behind it...

Yup.. again lots of pink here...and glitters on the borders of the large flower (hmm.. I guess it's not too visible on the picture.too bad :-(). The white dots are made with Puffy Paint (totally addicted..haha)

What are you working on at the moment? I'm working on some shaker-box cards... I totally forgot how much fun this always was about 10 years glad these are back too!

So happy you took the time to stop by again! I'll be back with some more 'fresh' creations soon!!

Enjoy your weekend! (it's gonna be a sunny one overhere in The Netherlands... yeah!!)


Marinette-Scraptherapie said...

Hihaaaaaa! i'm so happy you're back!!! Your cards are gorgeous! You missed me so much ♥

Heidi said...

YES, you`r back :-)

José said...

Welkom terug in Blogland!
Ene.....mooie kaartjes weer, zoals vanouds.

femke said...

heey nancy,

welkom terug in blogland. ik heb je gemist!!! het zijn weer prachtige kaartjes geworden. leuke details ook.

groetjes femke

Unknown said...

Welkom terug!!

Margriet Tournier said...

Wat een surprise. Ik herkende je kaartje meteen als 'een nancy' in mijn lijst met blogfoto's. Leuk dat je weer terug b ent.


Ingen said...

Hee Nancy leuk dat je weer iets gepost hebt.

Craftyangel said...

great to see you your work x

Judith said...

Hee en hallo!
What a surprise, ik dacht deze week nog aan jou en je kaartjes met de 'altijd extra glitter-accenten' (-: Welkom terug in blogland, leuk weer van die vrolijke echte Nancy-kaarten te zien!
Groetjes, Judith

Moon Hulsman said...

oohhh wat leuk, dat is lang geleden

Anonymous said...

Bonjour ma belle, Régulièrement je viens jetter un coup d'oeil et quelle surprise j'ai eu ce matin. Tu es toujours aussi créatrice, tes cartes sont magnifiques. On en veut encore et encore. Annie (Québec)

TOM said...

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