Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grandma and the market place....

As promissed I'm showing you my latest layout today! I'm really happy that I've finally managed to finish a layout (since it's been ages hehe..).

This layout is about my little French grandma who used to go to the market every Saturday to sell her own vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs etc... she did this almost her entire life (and so did her mom and grandma in the old days), when I was little I used to join her there as much as I could (while being in France). In 2005, when my grandpa got really sick, she had to decide to give this up entirely.. it was just not possible anymore to do all preparations and being away the whole days (since my grandpa helped her a lot too). Since then her life has been turned upside down.. she misses it so much.. just being away, having her friends and regular customers stopping by. This picture was taken on one of the last Saturdays that she spent on her spot at the market... so it's kinda special to me (and also to her, because this picture is hanging on her fridge for years now.,. hehe). I just HAD to create a layout about it..
Here's a better look at it...
I hope you're all having a great weekend until so far! Our weekend has started really well.. we've spent 2 days in a city called Middelburg. Besides enjoying the beautiful weather overhere in The Netherlands we've walked around to see all different historical monuments..and we also did some shopping for our US-trip in a few weeks!!! Totally relaxing!!!

Thanks for stopping by! I promiss to be a better blog-hopper soon.. I miss visiting your blogs so much!!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Playing with scraps...

I've been playing with some scraps today (yup.. I had a day off.. YAY!) and I turned them in this little card...

Patterned paper: Bella Blvd
Annnddd.. I've finished a layout (which I still need to photograph at the moment.. I promiss to post it in the course of the week!) It's been AGES since I've created a layout.. so I'm kinda proud of myself.. haha!!

I've spent a part of my weekend helping my sister with her baby-party... so much fun!!! Here's a picture of the little tags that I had created for her (attached to some little candy-bags)
And here's a 'fresh' picture of my 2 little nieces... (yup... I'm in loooove.. can you see? haha)
We've also started planning our vacation (which will start already in a few weeks..).. just can't wait!!!

Wishing you all a great week.. thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Altered letters!!

Yup.. I think my mojo came back!! YAY!! I've managed to finish the altered (wooden) letters for my niece Demi that I had started working on last week! Perfectly for her new grown-up-girl room.. hehe... (you can click HERE to see the larger versions of the pictures)

I decided to use some of the yummie Luxe Design patterned papers that perfectly combine together (the colors are a little different in the pictures than IRL)
Here's a closer look at the different wooden letters which I've first covered with patterned paper and altered with different embellishments and ribbons....
I've used my Cuttlebug machine to emboss the patterned paper and to create all circles..
I've covered the clear button with some glitters and I've used my sewing machine to stitch without thread to create the holes along the borders... I've also added lots and lots of rhinestones all over the letter.
And.. yup.. couldn't resist to use some white Puffy paint on the letters as well.. hehe...
Our weekend has been really packed, besides having a BBQ with friends and throwing me an early birthday party, we've had my scrappy friend Stephanie from France coming over with her husband to spend 2 days together with us in The Netherlands. We've been real tourists during these past days...visiting windmills and Amsterdam.. (which was totally awesome BTW)!!! Time really went by too fast!!! And look what we found on our way.... GIANT wooden clogs... hehe....
Wishing you all a great week..and thanks for stopping by again!!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

I think I've found some of my mojo back this weekend! I'm so excited!!!! My sister had asked me to create some tiny labels to use for her newborn baby-party in a few weeks.. she's going to attach these to little candy-bags which she's giving away to all visitors...

Anyways.. this is what I came up with.. I played a bit in Photoshop...

And these are the little tags that I've created out of it (the colors on the picture turned out kinda wonky... sorry..)...

Here's a closer look....(yup.. I felt like the cards needed some bling bling.. hehe)

I'll certainly take a picture of all little bags when they're finished!!! Oh BTW.. I've found some of my mojo back!! I'm altering some wooden letters for Demi at the moment... all PINK!! YAY!!

I've also 'stalked' my little niece Fay this weekend... I've taken about a 100 pictures in a few minutes.. poor little girl.. Happily her big sister Demi is used to the fact that I show up with that big black thing in front of me all the time.. hahahahahaha....

And.. another great thing.. we've booked our next trip!!!! I'm so excited!! Yup, we'll be flying to the US again in September/October!! We'll be visiting my sweet friend Janice in Phoenix and my family in California and drive around.... I know it has been only a few months since we came back from our other trip.. but we're sooooooooo ready to go on vacation again.... so we decided to just DO IT!!! WOOHOOO!! Just can't wait!!

Ok.. gotta run.. nighty night everybody and thanks for stopping by!!


Monday, July 27, 2009

~~Hello there~~

Yup.. here I am again!! I've tried to do some more scrapbooking last week... and yup... I managed to create another card by playing with some scraps that were getting dust on my desk.. hehe...

Sooooo.. here it issssss.... (patterned paper: Pink Paislee)

And a closer look....
We've spent our weekend in France at my grandparents' house. Last time we visited them was back in March.. so it felt really good to spend some time with them after such a long time. They were both in great shape even at their age (96 and 91 years old).
In the meantime I've also visited my niece Demi (and her little sister of course)... I so love this picture of her.. I've been playing with some digi thingies as well.. I'm having so much fun exploring Photoshop at the moment!!I hope you're all enjoying your summer until so far!!!! I promiss to be back with another update soon!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!


Monday, July 20, 2009

2 little cards... and 2 little nieces...

Yeah... still alive and kickin'.... still not too much ME-time unfortunately... and I'm trying to enjoy our summer weather as much as I can... so if you're looking for me you'll probably find me somewhere outside.. walking, running (yup.. still doin' it.. hehe..) or biking.

This weekend I finally managed to sit down in my scraproom for a few hours.. but unfortunately my MOJO wasn't there... grrr.. such a bummer.. where is it when I NEED it??? On vacation maybe??? hehe..

Anyways.. I came up with 2 little cards, not too happy how these turned out.., but hey.. it's a start right???.... here's the first one...

and some more details.......
Here's the 2nd one...
and some more details....
For both cards I've used the amazing handmade buttons by Tessa-Ann from her Etsy shop... yum yum yum!!! Definitely droooooling over these cute thingies!! Don't forget to check out her ETSY.. it's definitely worth it!!!

Besides that I've been enjoying my 2 little nieces a LOT lately! Yup.. I'm in luuuuuve... Demi is such a little lady already...
And even Fay is growing up so fast....Ok.. gotta run.. I'm having the day off and laundry is calling hehe...!!


Friday, June 12, 2009

A quick update...

Don't worry.. I'm still alive.. hehe... just busy with all kinds of things... but I hope to be back scrapbooking and blogging SOON!!!

I did created a little card this week.... since my sister had her baby girl last Saturday! So yup... I'm an auntie again! Her name is Fay! I'm so excited! And of course her big sister Demi is proud as well. After a bit of a difficult start for my sister (some complications) everything is going really really well.. I'm so proud of her!!!

Here's the card that I've created to go with the baby-basket that we've put together...
Soooo.. meet my cute litttle niece Fay...

And look how proud Demi is... cute huh??

Ok.. gotta run.. my personal chef is calling me that dinner is ready.. so I'd better hurry.. hehe...

I hope to be back soon!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking a little break

Hi there girls and euhm.. boys maybe? ;)

Just wanted to let you know that I'm taking a little blog-break.. I'm so busy at the moment.. so not too much ME-time unfortunately.

I hope to be back soon!!

Miss you!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun fun fun......

Just a little message to let you all know that we´re having such an amazing time in the US at the moment... we´ve been traveling for miles and miles already... Time is flying by to fast.. that´s for sure..

Here´s a little impression of the things we´ve done until now (we´ve also visited my family in the much fun to see eachother again after such a long time)...

Vegas, Death Valley, Santa Maria, Grover Beach, Moro Bay....

Solvang, Los Padres national Forest, Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica....
Hermosa Beach, San Bernardino National Forest....

We´re in Palm Springs at this moment and we´re heading to Yuma tomorrow.....Not sure if I´ll be able to update my blog again before our trip ends....but I´ll try to...

Thanks for stopping by!!!

XOXO from California!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bye bye for now...

Yup... bye bye for now.... we'll be leaving for our US vacation tomorrow! I'm so excited... we'll be starting in Las Vegas and we'll be traveling all around Nevada,California,Arizona & Utah. I'll try to update my blog as much as I can during our trip...I promiss.. hehe..

I'll leave you all with a set of mini-cards that I've created for Buzz&Bloom by using their awesome NEW mini series (I've also used some scraps from the layout in my previous post):
Here's a closer look at the cards:

I've painted all chipboard shapes with acrylic paint.

Then I've covered them with some Diamond Glaze for a shiny look

While the Diamond Glaze was still wet I've also pushed some rhinestones into it

But it's also fun to cover the whole shapes with rhinestones huh? Don't forget to check out the Buzz&Bloom BLOG to see what the rest of the DT has created!!

Well, gotta run.. still need to prepare so many things! I hope to be able to update again soon... otherwise I'll be back in about 3 weeks!

Thanks for stopping by again!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We have a winner...and a layout...

Due to circumstances I wasn't able to teach at the amazing Scrap-A-Licous event yesterday. Such a bummer.. I was sooo looking forward to it! Happily Corinne Delis and Dina Wakley were able to take over my class (thanks girls). I bet the weekend is going to be so much fun.. I wish I had more time to stop by in Veghel today or tomorrow to see all the girls and to shop till I drop.. haha (since there will also be a LOT of stores present at the event).

In the meantime I've randomly picked a winner from all entries for my little workshop! Thank you so much for playing along! I was so happy to see all of your cards popping up here! So much inspiration!!!!! Aaaanddddd.... the winner issssss........ NADINE!!! Congrats girl, send me your addy and I'll send you your RAK asap!!!

I've also been playing with the cute Mini Series by Buzz and Bloom!! For this project I decided to hightlight all fun things from our Mexico vacation back in 2007. We were there for only 1 week, but it was amazing!

Here's a better look at it...

For my title I've used the CB TMS: Distracted Schoolgirl chipboard alphabet which I've painted pink with acrylic paint. Then I've covered the letters with diamond glaze to give it a shiny look. While the diamond glaze was still wet I've pushed some rhinestones into it.
Wishing you all a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

~Hello there~

I've kinda neglected my blog during the last few days.. so busy.. no time to update my blog.. no time to create.. such a bummer.. hehe..

Buuuut... I'm so excited to see all of your beautiful cards for
my little workshop!! I've seen some really inspiring and beautiful cards.. WOW!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do something with my step by step instructions! You still have until Monday March 16th to play along and I'll pick a winner on Tuesday March 17th!!

Since I haven't had any time to create some 'fresh' projects I'll leave you with 2 little cards that were pubbed in Cards Only magazine back in 2008.

Both cards are created with some scraps from My little Yellow Bicycle:

And here's the 2nd one... the little tags are by My Little Yellow Bicycle as well.. so cute!

This is it for today...I hope you're having a great weekend until so far!!

Happy scrappin'!


**edited** Linda is wondering where I'm buying my clear buttons.. well they're by Autumn Leaves and they came in a bag together (different sizes). Hope that helps ;)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

2 peas...and a cutie patootie.....

Yeah.. I'm still alive.. don't worry.. hehe.. We've spent a few days in France (in Nancy) to visit my grand parents overthere.... so good to see them again after 6 months!! On our way to France I got a text message from Revlie (thanks hun) telling me that I had been chosen as POTD (Pea of the Day) at 2peas... (unfortunately I had to miss all of the fun and all sweet message since I had no internet connection in France..) I'm so excited.. just can't believe that 'little' me has been chosen as POTD!!!!

There's also a fun new challenge up at the wijDUS blog!!! It's all about friendship.. (don't forget to check out te blog to see what the other girls have created as well.. so much inspiration) Anyways.. here's my take on it... I've used a picture of me and my sweet friend Peggy here.. (patterned paper: Pink Paislee)

Here's a better look at it:

Oh.. and I totally forgot to share these fun pictures of my little Niece Demi with you (which I took a few weeks ago)... .she's getting used to the fact to see her auntie showing up in front of her with that HUGE camera.... hahahahaha..
BTW.. I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to my sweet friend Revlie as well.. she's been chosen as this month's Guest Garden Girl at 2Peas!! WOOHOO! YAY sweetie! I'm so happy for you!!!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Just a quick note to say 'hi'... I'm really busy at the moment.. so I don't have to much time to sit down and update my blog..

Today I'd love to share this layout with you wich was published in the January 2009 issue of
Scrapbook Trends (so excited.. YAY!). Pictures: my little niece Demi @ 5 months. (my sister was so happy to see her little girl in print in the magazine!)

Supplies: Cardstock: Bazzil, Patterned paper: Heidi Swapp, Chipboard: K&Company, Jewels: Doodlebug & K&Company, Flowers: Prima, Buttons: Autumn Leaves, Floss: DMC, Rubons: Making Memories & Melissa Frances, Ink: Ranger, Photo Anchor: Junkitz, Safety pin: Making Memories, Brad: Doodlebug, Other: 3d paint, staples, sewing machine.

Oh..and here's another little peek of my interview in
Creatief met Foto's back in January (not sure if I can show you the whole article yet..)

BTW.. you still have until Monday March 16th to play along with my challenge/little workshop from my previous post!! I've seen some amazing cards passing by already.. how exciting!!!!

Thanks again for stopping by!!!


Friday, February 27, 2009

A little workshop..and a challenge....

A little while ago I was contacted by Marinette from Rue du Scrap in France to create a step by step workshop especially for the members of their forum!!! So exciting!! Of course I couldn't resist to do this!!!

Of course I want to share this workshop with you too..and I'd love to challenge YOU to create a card following this workshop, post it on your blog or somewhere else and be sure to post a direct link to your entry in the comments section of this post at latest on Monday March 16th!!! I'll pick one random winner on Tuesday March 17th who will receive a fun fun card RAK.

Needed: Piece of white cardstock in any size you want, different pieces of patterned paper, 1 circle of patterned paper, 1 handcut flower, 1 clear button, a piece of floss, a rubon/sticker, 2 flowers, 2 safety pins, some jewels/rhinestones, staples, Puffy Paint (or another kind of 3d paint), distress ink, glitters and if possible a sewing machine to stitch without thread on the borders of the cardstock and patterned paper.

Distress the borders of the patterned paper shapes and cardstock with distress ink (and create holes in them with your sewing machine if you want)

Get the piece of white cardstock in front of you and fold it in half, cut off a small strip of the front of the card and adhere a small strip of pink patterned paper inside the card (as shown)

Adhere the pieces of patterned paper (as shown) and add the patterned paper circle to the lower right part of the card. (I’ve also added some white 3d dots around the circle)

- Take the handcut flower & clear button in front of you.
- Put some diamond glaze on the clear button and add some glitters to the glue to give it a glittery look.
- Add floss through the holes of the button

- Start layering your flower now by starting with a small circle of patterned paper (or a sticker) and then the clear button.

Add the layered flower to the card (as shown, on the upper right part of the card).. and adhere your card title/text to the circle (or where ever you want).

Adhere some flowers to the the circle (as shown) and add a jewel to the ‘heart’ of the flowers.

- Add little dots of puffy paint on the petals of the flower
- Add 2 stickpins to the clear button
- Add some staples to give it a finished look
- Distress the borders of the card with some black distress ink


Happy Scrappin'!!
Can't wait to see what you come up with!!