Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grandma and the market place....

As promissed I'm showing you my latest layout today! I'm really happy that I've finally managed to finish a layout (since it's been ages hehe..).

This layout is about my little French grandma who used to go to the market every Saturday to sell her own vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs etc... she did this almost her entire life (and so did her mom and grandma in the old days), when I was little I used to join her there as much as I could (while being in France). In 2005, when my grandpa got really sick, she had to decide to give this up entirely.. it was just not possible anymore to do all preparations and being away the whole days (since my grandpa helped her a lot too). Since then her life has been turned upside down.. she misses it so much.. just being away, having her friends and regular customers stopping by. This picture was taken on one of the last Saturdays that she spent on her spot at the market... so it's kinda special to me (and also to her, because this picture is hanging on her fridge for years now.,. hehe). I just HAD to create a layout about it..
Here's a better look at it...
I hope you're all having a great weekend until so far! Our weekend has started really well.. we've spent 2 days in a city called Middelburg. Besides enjoying the beautiful weather overhere in The Netherlands we've walked around to see all different historical monuments..and we also did some shopping for our US-trip in a few weeks!!! Totally relaxing!!!

Thanks for stopping by! I promiss to be a better blog-hopper soon.. I miss visiting your blogs so much!!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Playing with scraps...

I've been playing with some scraps today (yup.. I had a day off.. YAY!) and I turned them in this little card...

Patterned paper: Bella Blvd
Annnddd.. I've finished a layout (which I still need to photograph at the moment.. I promiss to post it in the course of the week!) It's been AGES since I've created a layout.. so I'm kinda proud of myself.. haha!!

I've spent a part of my weekend helping my sister with her baby-party... so much fun!!! Here's a picture of the little tags that I had created for her (attached to some little candy-bags)
And here's a 'fresh' picture of my 2 little nieces... (yup... I'm in loooove.. can you see? haha)
We've also started planning our vacation (which will start already in a few weeks..).. just can't wait!!!

Wishing you all a great week.. thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Altered letters!!

Yup.. I think my mojo came back!! YAY!! I've managed to finish the altered (wooden) letters for my niece Demi that I had started working on last week! Perfectly for her new grown-up-girl room.. hehe... (you can click HERE to see the larger versions of the pictures)

I decided to use some of the yummie Luxe Design patterned papers that perfectly combine together (the colors are a little different in the pictures than IRL)
Here's a closer look at the different wooden letters which I've first covered with patterned paper and altered with different embellishments and ribbons....
I've used my Cuttlebug machine to emboss the patterned paper and to create all circles..
I've covered the clear button with some glitters and I've used my sewing machine to stitch without thread to create the holes along the borders... I've also added lots and lots of rhinestones all over the letter.
And.. yup.. couldn't resist to use some white Puffy paint on the letters as well.. hehe...
Our weekend has been really packed, besides having a BBQ with friends and throwing me an early birthday party, we've had my scrappy friend Stephanie from France coming over with her husband to spend 2 days together with us in The Netherlands. We've been real tourists during these past days...visiting windmills and Amsterdam.. (which was totally awesome BTW)!!! Time really went by too fast!!! And look what we found on our way.... GIANT wooden clogs... hehe....
Wishing you all a great week..and thanks for stopping by again!!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

I think I've found some of my mojo back this weekend! I'm so excited!!!! My sister had asked me to create some tiny labels to use for her newborn baby-party in a few weeks.. she's going to attach these to little candy-bags which she's giving away to all visitors...

Anyways.. this is what I came up with.. I played a bit in Photoshop...

And these are the little tags that I've created out of it (the colors on the picture turned out kinda wonky... sorry..)...

Here's a closer look....(yup.. I felt like the cards needed some bling bling.. hehe)

I'll certainly take a picture of all little bags when they're finished!!! Oh BTW.. I've found some of my mojo back!! I'm altering some wooden letters for Demi at the moment... all PINK!! YAY!!

I've also 'stalked' my little niece Fay this weekend... I've taken about a 100 pictures in a few minutes.. poor little girl.. Happily her big sister Demi is used to the fact that I show up with that big black thing in front of me all the time.. hahahahahaha....

And.. another great thing.. we've booked our next trip!!!! I'm so excited!! Yup, we'll be flying to the US again in September/October!! We'll be visiting my sweet friend Janice in Phoenix and my family in California and drive around.... I know it has been only a few months since we came back from our other trip.. but we're sooooooooo ready to go on vacation again.... so we decided to just DO IT!!! WOOHOOO!! Just can't wait!!

Ok.. gotta run.. nighty night everybody and thanks for stopping by!!