Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Monday!!!

Unfortunately the weekend is already over.. time went by waaay to fast as usual.. I did a looot of scrapping during the last couple of days! My layouts for Scrapbook Magazine are finished, my CreativeXpress assignments were sent out today and I did a layout for Scap4life!! So now it's time for some creations just for me... hehe.

Remember I told you guys about my cards being pubbed in Cards Magazine (October issue)?? Well, here they are!!!! (you can find them on page 106 and 149). I've used Junkitz goodies for both of the cards!
I'm so excited! We'll be visiting my grandparents in France this upcoming weekend! I haven't seen them since July!! Woohoo!! We'll do some shopping on Saturday in the city of Nancy (nope.. not my city.. that's the name of the city where my Grandparents live.. hehe..). Here's a little pic of our last trip there!!! (I'm affraid that the weather won't be that good .. hehe..)

I've been tagged by a looot of people the last couple of days.. somehow I just don't know where to start anymore with the tags.. there are so many.. hehe.. Sorry to spoil the fun but for this time I'll just let it pass by.. Buuut.. a biiig thank you to: Peggy, Marjolein, Marije, Karin, and all the other girls that picked me!!! XOXO (I promiss to be a better tagger as from now!)

Ok gotta go for now, make myself some hot tea and walk a little bit with our doggies! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leave me sweet comments!!!



Friday, October 26, 2007

Almost Halloween!!

Yeah!! It's THAT time of the year again.. it's almost HALLOWEEN! Unfortunately we don't really have Halloween over here in The Netherlands.. but I still love the entire feeling around it!!

During our California trip in 2006 we visited a real American pumkin' patch! So cool!!! Unfortunately we had to leave to go home about 2 days before Halloween.. such a pitty! Sooo.. I decided to use some yummie Junkitz Halloween papers to scrap the pictures we took that day!! And here's the result!!!

Do you have any plans for the weekend??? We do have some things we want to do.. but besides that we'll probably spend a lot of time at home.. YAY! Pascal just bought a new Playstation game.. so that means he'll be playing his game this weekend while I'm scrapping.. hehe...

Remember I told you guys about the fun things that are happening to me at the moment? Well, one of those fun things is: I've been asked to create some things for a Dutch magazine called: Scrapbook Magazine.

I'm so excited and I feel so honored!!! So right now I'm having some HUGE deadlines coming up.. hehe.. so much fun!!! I hope I'll be able to share the rest of the things with you soon!!!!

BTW.. look what I found the other day!!! A cute picture of one of our doggies when he was still a puppy!!! He was so ugly but cute back then... hehe.. Look at those eyes.. whahaha (just had to share this one with you guys.. hehe)

Oh and I've been tagged by Cissoux for the 'Creative Blogger Award"! (merci tout plein, trop cool!) On my turn I would like to tag the following awesome bloggers (go take a look at their blogs.. so much inspiration!): Michelle, Carina, Hetty, Frederique and Marga!

I'm gonna make myself a nice cup of hot tea now.... I really need that.. it's so cold.. brrrr!!! (yup.. I'm sitting down with my blanket on my knees now.. whahaha)

Have fun with the Halloween preparations and talk to you soon!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome fall!

Woowww.. Fall really has started over here now!! We even had ice on the windows of our cars this morning.. so the first thing I had to do when I stepped outside was scratching the ice!! UGH! I sooo hate this! It does look beautiful outside with the orange leaves everywhere.... I just don't like the cold weather of this time of the year!!!

First of all I want to let all California girls (or uhm.. boys) know that I'm thinking about you during these days of horrible fires all around you! This is such a nightmare!!! Hang in there everybody and stay safe!!!

This weekend the Scrap4life newsletter came out! That means that I'm allowed to show you another one of the pages that I've created for them!!!! (a page about my birthday this year..). I've used Autumn Leaves papers here (they're actually Xmas papers.. but I decided to use them anyways because of the red details.. hehe..)
And.. I've been tagged by: Robyn, Elizabeth, Mireille and Peggy! (thanks girls! I've done this one before on my Junkitz blog, hope it's ok to copy it from there.. hehe..)
1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1: I looooove to eat snails& I know it might sounds a little bit strange and IEEEKS to some of you.. but they are sooo yummie with garlic butter and some bread!! Yum!!! (yep.. this makes my mouth water!)
2: I cannot leave the house without doing my morning make-up (mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick) and hair ritual (I have natural curly hair.. and I'm using a whole bottle of hair mouse every week!)
3: I'm totally addicted to Ranch Salad dressing! Unfortunately they don't sell it over here in The Netherlands.. so every time I visit the US a huge bottle is coming back with me.. and sometimes I even have American friends sending me bottles.. hehehe
4. I used to dance a lot for years (ballroom and Latin dancing), I was even in a formation team for a year and we danced on the Dutch championships unfortunately I had to stop as my dance partner decided to quit& big bummer as I loved it so much!
5: I'm having a French passport (I'm half French).. not too strange huh.. but it makes it difficult sometimes when I want to identify myself.. even at the airport in The Netherlands they look strange at me and a little confused when I start talking Dutch while showing this passport.. hehe. But when I'm visiting my family in France a French passport makes it a lot easier sometimes too..
6: I love to sit down on the couch in the evening with my laptop on my lap....and I ALWAYS have a little blanket laying over my legs.. otherwise I will be cold.. hehehe..
7: When I'm hungry I can make funny noises with the air in my stomach. (yep.. I know this might sound really strange..and it IS.. right Peggy?)

To be honest I don't know who else haven't been tagged so if you haven't been and wanted to do this, consider yourself tagged:)

I'll end up with another little sneakpeek of a layout that I've created for CreativeXpress!!!
Ok, this is it for today.. I'm having a loooot of fun things going on right now.. unfortunately I cannot share them with you yet.. but I will as soon as I can.. I promiss ok?? hehe..!

Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for your sweet sweet comments!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

We have a winner!! A TOOT and a layout!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!!!! Until so far I'm having a great time.. lots of ME-time.. we did some shopping and tomorrow we will have our parents coming over for a cup of coffee..

I'm so excited to see that over 25 people decided to join my challenge!! I've seen the cards popping up everywhere.. I'm so proud of all of you.. all your creations really ROCK!!!!! Thank you so much for playing along!!! I asked my BF to draw a random winner for the RAK this morning.. and he came up with:
MIA!!! Buuut.. I had a hard time picking only 1 name.. so I had my BF to pick 2 more names for a little something.... Lisette & Marije. Congrats girls!!!! Send me an email with your addy to!!!

I will definitely be back with another workshop including a little challenge soon!!!! I promiss! This was so much fun!!

I've been busy creating during the last couple of days..'s a little sneak peek of a card that I've created for CreativeXpress!!
I'm finally allowed to show you one of the layouts that I've created for Scrap4life the other day!!! We were challenged to use ghostshapes creatively.. so I painted with acrylic paint on the back of my star-ghostshapes and added puffy paint dots to the front. It's a layout of one of my doggies (Smokey) who loves to be photographed so much.. our little star.. hehe..
BTW.. I've got some exciting news to share!!! Not only I received my Cards Magazine (October issue) this week with 2 of my cards in there (I will show these asap!), but I also got an email from them requesting 2 other cards for their March 2008 issue! I'm so excited!!! I dropped the box with the 2 cards at the Post Office this morning! WOOHOO!!!

Have you been scrapping this weekend?? I've finished another layout for Scrap4life!! YAY!! And nope.. just like the other layouts from last week I'm not allowed to show you the entire page yet.. but here's a little sneak peek of it!!!
BTW.. our new couch arrived the other day.. remember?? Well, we're sooo dissapointed about the color!! It's UGLY!! On the little piece of fabric in the store it looked sooooo differently! So today we went back to the store to discuss this issue, they happily understood everything, and they offered us another couch cover with a discount.. so that's what we did.. we'll have to wait another 4 months for it now.. but at least we know we'll end up with the color we really wanted.

Ok, enough rambling for today.. hehe.. I'll be back soon with another update and more layouts and exciting news!!!!

Have a superduper great weekend and happy scrappin'!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A little card and my pub!

Can't believe it's Wednesday already! I'm having a day off today.. so I'm planning on doing a lot of scrapping!!! I started with 2 little cards for one of my assignments for CreativeXpress. I'm a little nervous about those.. as this will be my first month with them...

I'm so excited to see your creations made with my little workshop popping up everywhere! You girls ROCK!!!!!!! Thank you so much for playing along!!!

Besides working... I played with some more Remisce scraps this week and created this little card...

In one of my previous posts I told you guys about another pub in Memory Makers Magazine (November/December issue). I got my copy the other day.. so here's a little picture of the page I'm on (you can find me on page 74). Sorry for the bad picture.. the weather is so grey and dark today (with looots of rain too!). I'm not sure if I'm allowed to show my complete page in detail yet.. so I will do that soon.. I promiss!!!! Oh and I totally forgot to tell you that I visited Peggy on Saturday!! We had a blast together!! I did bring some scrapgoodies with me to play.. but we ended up talking talking and talking the whole day.. whahaha! So much fun! We're really bad scrapbookers! We totally forgot to take pictures!!!!! (I only thought about that when I was driving back home!). Thanks girl for the great day and give a big hug to Kelsey and Kylian for me!!!!

I was tagged by Peggy and Marije to write down all the things I'm thankful for.. I just wrote a whole list.. and then I got some kind of an error! GRRR!! I hate it when that happens (so that means I had to re-type my whole post!!). So sorry girls.. I wanted to play along.. but I'm not in the mood to retype everything.. (I'm lazy.. I know.. hehe..)

I'll end with a little sneak peek of a layout that I've created for Scrap4life.

This is it for now.. I need to prepare some stuff as I just got a phone call that our new couch is on its way!! YAY! (not too sure about the color yet.. we went to the store to buy a brown one and ended up with a grey one.. oh well...).

Thanks for stopping by again and talk to you soon!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Helloooo there!!!

Here I am again!!! Hope you're all having a great weekend! My weekend was kinda busy.. didn't do too many scraprelated things unfortunately.. and now my weekend is over already!!!! Such a bummer!! Well, I'm having a day off on Wednesday so I hope to catch up things a little bit then!!

I did finish 2 layouts for Scrap4life last week!!! Unfortunately I cannot show you the entire pages yet (the newsletter will come out somewhere this week).. so here's a little sneak peek of one of these pages!!
I'm so happy that you guys liked my card workshop in my previous post!!! And I've seen some amazing cards passing by already!! WOOHOO! You girls ROCK!!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the creations this week!!! YAY!!

I'll end up with a layout that I've created a couple of months ago (and still love it).. I sooo wish it was still summer! Fall has started badly overhere.. I need some sun!!! (pictures: from our US trip in 2006)
Oh..and I've been playing a little bit with my Cuttlebug the last couple of days!! It's so much fun!! Peggy borrowed me some of her embossing templates!! These are awesome!! I'll definitely add these to my wishlist for Santa.. (at least.. hope that I've been good this year..whahaha!!!)

I'll be back asap with some more info about another Memory Makers pub!! (November issue.. check it out!!!). BTW.. there's still no sign of my original layout from the October issue.. such a bummer!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

A little workshop and a challenge...

Hi there everybody!!!! Today I'm posting a little workshop for you all just for fun (I've created this for the Scrap Pink Crop at Scrap4life). And I would love to challenge YOU to create a card following this workshop and post it on your blog or somewhere else and add a link to your card in the comments section of this post before Friday October 19!!! I have a cute RAK here ready for you.. I'll pick one random winner on Saturday October 20! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

Needed: Piece of white cardstock in any size you want (fold it in half), transparency (small piece), 4 strips of patterned paper (1 large one, 2 smaller ones, 1 tiny one), Circle of patterned paper, Handcut flower from patterned paper, Prima flower, jewels, staples, 3d paint. (if possible, use sewing machine to make ‘holes’ in patterned paper and cardstock), chipboard (sticker, rubon) alphabet.
- Cut a piece of the front of the card and distress the borders afterwards with ink or chalk
- Glue the transparency to front of the card (gluedots on border inside card and add transparency to the glue)
- Add the circle by adhering it half to the cardstock, half to the transparency (leave enough space around circle for little jewels)
- adhere largest piece of PP to the inside of the card (as shown)
- Add the 2 smaller strips of patterned paper and the tiny strip of patterned paper to the card (on left side of the circle)
- Add jewels (or other embellishments) around the circle (on the transparency)Take the handcut flower (or other shape) made of patterned paper in front of you, and start layering it with a Prima Flower and a Jewel (brad, button or other embellishment)
- Add the layered flower to the card
- Add staples to the upper and down left part of the strips of paper to give it a ‘finished’ look
Add your text to the card (chipboard, stickers, rubons)

I hope you're all having a nice week!!! My week really flew by.. just can't believe it's Thursday already!!!

BTW.. don't forget to check out Peggy her blog! She's giving away an awesome RAK!!!!! I bet you don't want to miss that!!!! Just leave her a comment before Friday 19th!!

Ok, gotta run!! Talk to you soon and thanks again for all your sweet comments and for stopping by at my blog!!


Monday, October 8, 2007

So.. how did it all started???

I bet you guys are wondering by now how I started scrapbooking!! Well, I've always been creative.. I always loved collecting and playing with all kinds of papers.. and I loved to put my pictures in albums creatively.. I did a lot of different things.. but most of the time I was making cards! Especially 3d cards with a lot of glitters!!!! So when I visited the US in 2005 I saw some awesome scrapbooking ideas in the different stores.. so when I came back I just HAD to look on the internet for more info.. And at that moment my new addiction was born.. whahaha!!!

Here are some of the cards that I've created back then (I think in 2004 or 2005)!!!
So, did you all had a nice weekend?? Did you do something for World Card Making Day?? I had PLANNED to do a loooot of cards this weekend.. but I ended up with only 1 finished card.. such a pitty!!! Here it is... (this card opens in the middle, I've used some glittery paper that I found back in my stash from a looooong time ago)
I started a layout last week which I managed to finish yesterday (pictures: my grandpa (94 years old) and my mom in my grandparents garden in France)
My sister stopped by for a cup of tea on Saturday and asked me to take some pics of her belly... so cute.. Her belly is growing so fast right now... I just needed to take a couple of shots so she can remember this when her little baby is born. Here are some of the pics.. I'm not a pro.. I know... but I'm pretty happy how they turned out (and my sister is happy too!)... hehe..
OH and I'm having a cute little TOOT! But I cannot tell you about it yet unfortunately.. but I will as soon as I can!!!

Wishing you all a great week.. only 4 days to go and it will be weekend again.. whaha!!!


Saturday, October 6, 2007

World Card Making Day!!!!

It's World Card Making Day today! I'm so excited!!!!! I know a lot of you girls will be creating cards today.. just like me!!! YAY!!!

I just wanted to remind you that we're having some awesome card challenges (with great prizes) going on at CreativeXpress this weekend!!! Don't have time to create today?? That's no problem at all.. you have until Monday to finish your cards! You can find all challenges here.

My challenge over there is to use some kind of transparency on your card.... here's a transparency card that I've created a little while ago.. just to give you an idea how to use transparencies this weekend! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!!
I've been busy creating some things for Scrap4life too during the last couple of weeks!! Our newsletter went out today.. soooo I'm allowed to show my creations now.. here's one of the layouts that I managed to do (I used some yummie Junkitz papers here!).. We were challenged to use a Becky Fleck Sketch (at Pagemaps). So this is what I came up with!
Ok, I'm off to my scraptable now to start creating some cards!!! Just can't wait to play with my new goodies (and with the Cuttlebug!! Yeah.. it came in last week!)

Enjoy your weekend.. HAPPY SCRAPPIN'!!


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Thursday!

Hi there everybody!! The week is coming to an end... YAY!! It's almost weekend... only 1 workingday to go!!! I'm sooo looking forward to some more ME-time! My scrappy-hands are itching.. I just NEED to create!!! (maybe I'll do so after this post.. hehe.., I just received some yummie new goodies in the mail today.. YAY!)

So what have I been up to the last couple of days?? Well, I had to work the whole week.. so the only thing I managed to create was a little card made of Cloud9 scraps. I wanted to try something else..and this is how it turned out.
Do you have any plans for World Card Making Day on October 6th? Don't forget to check out the CreativeXpress forums for some fun challenges during that day, this will definitely help you bring your card-making-mojo back!!! You can find some more info about it here.

Oh and I'm so excited... I've been nominated for the ' Best Blog Friend' award by Mia!! Thank you so much girlie! You sooo made my day!! On my turn I would love to nominate ALL of you.. whaha.. so difficult to nominate only a few of you.. but here I go: Peggy, Kimberly, Revlie, Leslie, Linda & Ingrid (don't forget to check out their blogs.. so much inspiration there!)
BTW we've had an amazing 'Scrap pink' crop at Scrap4life last weekend, thank you so much everybody who participated! I hosted a little card workshop there which I will post on my blog asap. In the meanwhile here's a sneak peek of the card that I've created.
Have a great day, thanks for stopping by and see you soon back at my blog!!


Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy birthday mom!

My mom is celebrating her birthday today!! I just visited her and gave her a GIANT hug... She's really my HERO and I'm so thankful she's still here with us!! I don't think I told you guys before.. My mom survived cervical cancer!! She was diagnosed about 4 years ago.. she couldn't have any surgery at that moment as the cancer had grown too far...We were devastated... they told us that the chance to survive this was minimal.... She had to go through so many painful treatments. Happily we got some good news after a couple of months...the cancer was gone.. the tumor was still there.. but without the cancer cells inside!! She's still suffering from all the treatments at the moment....she's living her life day by day..I admire her so much.. it must be so hard for her sometimes!!

We took her (and my dad) out for dinner yesterday.. here's a little picture of her opening the present we got her (a beautiful watch)...
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Our weekend was great.. but unfortunately time is always flying by way to fast during those days... I wish time flew by at work too.. hehe..

I finished this layout yesterday.. it had been on my scrap table for several days.. I was too lazy to glue everything down.. so yesterday I sat down for it..hehe... (pictures: from our Mexico trip back in April)
BTW.. don't forget that it's World Card Making day on October 6th!! Check out the Creativexpress
forums for some fun challenges on that day!!!!!!

Pascal is on his way home.. so I'd better prepare some things for dinner (I had a day off today and I didn't do anything besides grocery shopping, playing with my scrap goodies and surfing on the Internet..hehe..)

Enjoy your week!!