Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Such an awesome weekend...

We're back.. from an awesome long (and romantic.. hehe..) weekend in Paris!!! The weather was nice and warm and we walked around every day from 9AM until 6PM.. so perfect!! Unfortunately we were not able to go up the Eiffel Tower since the waiting lines were about 2 hours.. a little too long for us.. hehe.. Buuut.. we've done everything we wanted to do.... such a bummer the weekend went by so fast!! Sooo.. here's a little impression of our days in Paris (geesh..wish I could go back directly..LOL) ....

Since I didn't get to do any scrapping lately I'll leave you all with 2 more cards that have been pubbed in the previous issue of Cards Only Magazine (also from the Cuttlebug article I wrote) Patterned paper: Sassafras Lass:

And here's the 2nd one...

I'm having some real busy weeks ahead...October will be breast cancer awareness month.. and since I'm working at the Oncology department of a Pharmaceutical company overhere in The Netherlands we're taking care of all kinds of special events during the upcoming month. Right now I'm organizing (together with my collegues) a biiiiig fundraising walk which will take place next Sunday. I'm so excited that we've been able to get over 200 registrations for this amazing event.... So good to get some attention this way for this awefull desease...

Ok, gotta run.. I have a big pile of laundry 'calling' me.. hehe.. sooo..I'd better run.. hehe!

Thanks again for stopping by!!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Off to Paris...

We're almost done packing our stuff to leave for Paris tomorrow early in the morning. We're having a nice relaxing ahead, and according to the weather channels it's going to be awesome weather as well (at least: no rain). WOOOHOO! Just can't wait!!!

On top of hurting my knees last weekend I've had the flu with high fever during the last few days (I got it all at once.. so I'll probably be spared the rest of the year.. hehe..).. I hope things will get better tomorrow since we have a lot of traveling to do around there...

I've created this little layout just for fun.. I loved playing with some black/white picture and I found these papers (pink: Junkitz & green: Little Yellow Bicycle) back on my desk while creating.... the perfect match for this page!!! These pictures are from our trip to my grandparents in France back in August.

Some details....

And some more details...

Wishing you all a great weekend!!! I'll be back on Monday (probably with looooots of pictures to show you guys.. hehe... I'm charging both of my cameras right now.. hehe..)


Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday... Monday....

Another weekend flew by! I seriously have no idea where my time went.. hehe.. except for a little accident that I had on Saturday.. .. I fell really hard (tripped over some wire on the street) and shaved my knees all over the floor (which resulted in one ruined pair of jeans and 2 bleeding knees with lots of bruces everywhere..). I was on my way to the beauty salon.. for a nice relaxing hour... well, that's exactely what I needed after this.. hehehe! Sooo.. right now I'm having knees like a 6 year old.. whahaha (I remember having knees like this when I was little.. hehe..) Oh well, things will heal....

Soo.. since I didn't have time to go upstairs and have some well deserved ME time..I'll show you 2 more little cards that have been pubbed in the previous issue of Cards Only magazine. Yup.. I've tried to work with other colors than usually.. just for fun..and somehow I kinda like how they turned out.. really soft with some glittery touches. Here's the first...

And here's the 2nd....

Oohhh..and look who I also visited yesterday... my niece..little miss Demi!!! Just can't believe that in 2 months she'll be 1 year old already!!!!! She's so funny with her little voice.. trying to talk to us and showing us everything with her little finger.. awww.. I'm in loooooove.. hehe..

On another note.. I'll be off to Paris on Friday!! YAY! Pascal gave me this (romantic...hehe) city trip for my 30th birthday back in August.. Just can't wait!!

Gotta run.. talk to you soon and thanks for stopping by!!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Cuttlebug cards...

This week has been kinda busy for me at work as well as at home.... It's exhausting but on the other side it's giving me energy as well.. it just feels so good to come home after a busy day and look back and think: wow.. I've done so much today!!! That's the same feeling I'm having right now.. exhausted but also full of energy.. hehe..

For the previous issue of Cards Only magazine I created a little article about the Cuttlebug machine (like I told you guys already in my previous post.. hehe..)... soooo here are a couple more of the cards from this article... The little flowers on this card are created with a cuttlebug die and besides that I've added some dimension to the circle ring with the Cuttlebug embossing folders.. so much fun!

And the 2nd one... Here I've added some embossed swirls to the green background paper.. then I've sanded the swirls to make them 'pop' a little more.. such a fun technique (and so easy..hehe).

I know.. I still haven't posted any pictures of my new scrap room.. SO SORRY about that!!! We just need to add a few things.. and then it will be ready.. and then I need to clean it up also (whaha.. since I've made a biiiig mess out of my scrappy space already.. hehe..)

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Well, my weekend is starting perfectly with a little visit to the beauty salon tomorrow early in the morning.. just relaxin' a little bit.. hehe.. LOOOOOVE that!!

Oh.. and if you're in the mood for winning some Blog candy.. just go over to Peggy her blog and leave her a message.. she has an awesome RAK ready for you guys overthere!!!!!! HURRY!!

Have a great weekend!!


Monday, September 15, 2008

We have a winner.... and a little card...

Well, it took me some time to write down all of your 156 names... hehe (I've had so much fun reading your sweet comments)....buuuuut.... I made it..and I just asked my BF to pick a name.... and the winner isssss........ drumroll..... NINA!! I guess my RAK will be traveling all the way to Denmark... hehe.. Nina, send me your addy (pascalnancy@casema.nl) and I'll send the RAK to you asap!

Soooo.. since the newest issue of Cards Only hit the stores last week, I can show you the cards that were pubbed in the previous issue... I wrote an article about the Cuttlebug and the different dies that can be used with this cute little machine.... here's the first card....(the embossed dots on the flower petals and the little tag is made with the Cuttlebug, Patterned paper: KI Memories)

Thank you so much for looking!

Have a great week!!


Friday, September 12, 2008

A little layout...

First of all: thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post!! You all soooo made my day (uh.. I mean.. week.. haha) You still have time to leave a comment to win my RAK.. I'll draw a random winner over the weekend!!! I'm so happy you all came over to celebrate these 100.000 visitors with me!

It has been a hectic week for me.... so not too much scrappy time.. I did finish this little layout with some pictures of my BF and me.. So much fun playing with 'fresh' pictures.. haha.... Patterned paper: American Crafts.

Some details....

And some more details....

I know I don't tell you girls enough how much I appreciate you. Each day I read so many kind comments and e-mails. THANK YOU!!

Wishing you all a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

100.000 --> RAK TIME!!!!!

Oh.. wow.. I just noticed that my counter hit 100.000 blog visitors!!!!! Wow.. just unbelievable that so many people took the time to stop by at my little blog!!!! I've started blogging in July 2007, I've met so many new friends from all over the world and yup.. it turned into another addiction.. posting here and reading your sweet messages is so much fun and gives me so much mojo!!!

Sooo.. what about a little RAK to celebrate these 100.000 visitors???? INCLUDING some Puffy Paint.. that's the paint I'm using to create the little white dots on my creations!! Just leave a little note in the comment section of this post at latest on Friday September 12th and I'll pick a random winner over the weekend.

In the meantime I've been creating my little heart out in my new scraproom (yeah.. I'll take pictures soon.. I promiss..hehe..). It's just so much easier to let everything lay around (which ends up in a real big mess everytime.. whaha). Sooo.. I've played with some scraps which I turned into this little card (patterned paper: Heidi Swapp)

Last Saturday I've had a fun day with my sister and my little niece Demi!! She has changed so much in 3 weeks.. she can even stand up by herself now.. soon she'll be walking.. that's for sure!!!

Wishing you all a great week!!! Thanks again for stopping by and for your sweet sweet comments over and over again!!!


Saturday, September 6, 2008


While looking through my computer I found a little card that I totally forgot to show you girls (and uhm... guys?). I'm not too happy how it turned out.. but I wanted to post it here anyway.. hehe..

I've created this card as one of my assignments for CreativeXpress (I think it was back in May). I was challenged to use some ProvoCraft Masking tape on my projects.. which I did. I turned the Masking tape into a background for this card! So much fun!

And what about some details?

My sister is coming over with my little niece Demi today! So excited! Happily Demi is doing better after her convulsions from 2 weeks ago. She ended up getting one of those child deseases which probably caused the high fever she was having. My sister sent me this cute picture yesterday... hehe.. (and be on the look out for some new pictures as I'll be taking loooots of pictures today.. hehe)

On another note I'm feeling kinda sad.. this week my parents' doggie Tommie turned really sick.. and we had to make the difficult decision to let him go... I was there at the vet with my parents when this happened...he used to be my doggie which I left with my parents when I left the house..and we've had him for over 12 years... Never knew something like this would make me feel so heart broken.. Rest in piece little buddy...

I'd better run.. have to do some laundry and grocery shopping before my sister arrives. Have a great weekend everybody!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is it Wednesday already??

Wow.. just unbelievable how days are flying by at the moment!!! My days are gone in a blink of an eye!!! I'm busy at work.. busy at home.. I really wish my days contained more hours.. whaha!

Soo.. wanna know what I've been up to? Well, I've had a fun fun day with Peggy on Monday! She came to my place..and we had planned to do some scrapbooking together... and guess what? We didn't do a thing except chatting together (and drooling over all scrapgoodies).. whaha.. She also showed me a little project that she's working on at the moment.. OMG.. she's definitely the queen of details.. WOW.. everything looks so perfect and cute! Happily Peggy thought of taking pictures together.. which we did just before she left to go home...

Thanks for stopping by girlie..and for the awesome presents you brought for me!!!! Hope to catch up again soon!!! XOXO

I'll leave you all with a little layout that I've created a little while ago.. Pictures: from our 2007 California trip. Patterned paper: My Mind's Eye.

Gotta run (yup.. I'm off to my new scraproom to create a little bit.. YAY!! I'll post some pictures soon!!!)

Have a great day!