Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pencil Lines!!!!

Yup.. you see it right.. another update from me this weekend!!! I hope you're all having a great weekend until so far!

I just wanted to share with you all that I'm this weeks Guest Designer at Pencil Lines!!!!! I'm so honored.. I still can't believe they've asked 'little me'!!!! We had to work with this awesome sketch by Jolene Pienaar! So much fun!!
And this is what I came up with:
Check out the Pencil Lines site to see what the rest of the girls have created!!! They're all so talented!!! YOU can play along too!!! Don't be affraid.. we'd looove to see what you create with this sketch!!!!

BTW.. some people were wondering where the Cards books are available in The Netherlands. Well, I've heard that Paper & Pictures will be adding these books to their store soon!!!! So cool.. as I know it was so hard to find these overhere!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and talk to you soon!!


Friday, March 28, 2008

~Hello there!!!~

Thank you so much for all your sweet messages! I had planned to update my blog earlier... but I still have no energy at all.. don't know what's happening.. buuuut.. it's weekend again so it's time to charge my battery a bit in the upcoming days.. whahaha!!!

So still no fresh creations to show you.. buuuut.. I can show you one of the layouts that I've created for CreativeXpress (I'll show you the other one in my next post). Our designteam was challenged to use 3 the same products (yellow sugar coating Doodlebug glitter, K&Company paper ribbon and a Cuttlebug embossingfolder).. so cool (yup.. just like in Creating Keepsakes.. awesome!). This is how my layout turned out.. (and yeah.. I've used a single pic for once.. I don't do that too often but it was so much fun!!)

And some close ups....
Anyways.. we've spent Easter at my parents house which was sister was there too with my little niece.. I fell even more in love.. she's sooooo cute.. she's laughing all the time! Just can't believe that she's already 4 months old!!!
I'm going to sit down a little bit now and watch a movie with my sweetie.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and thanks again for stopping by!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

First of all: Happy Easter to all of you!! I hope you'll have a great day today.. we're off to my parents house to have lunch/dinner in a couple of mins..

So sorry for being such bad blogger (and blog visitor) lately! Things are still not going too well for me unfortunately....big bummer. Can someone send me some energy?? hehe.. So no new creations to show you this time....

Buuut.. did you see the March issue of Cards????
Well, you can find 2 of my cards in there! So excited about that!!!!!!
This one:

And this one:

OH and here's a sneakpeek of a layout that I've created for CreativExpress (yup.. I've finally played with some pictures of my cute little niece.. hehe..)Anyways.. I'm having a biiiig list of unanswered e-mails in my inbox right now.. I'll try to get back to you all asap.... I promiss.....So if you're waiting for an answer.. don't worry.. hehe..

Have a great day today.. I hope that the Easter bunny will hop by to drop off some chocolate.. hehe...


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

~Hello Tuesday!!~

I just can't believe it's already Tuesday.. time is flying by so fast lately!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comments.. unfortunately I'm still not feeling 100%... buuuuut I hope things will pass by soon...

Did you all enjoy your weekend? Our weekend was a lot of fun.. and that's exactely what I needed.. hehe.. On Saturday we went to a furniture store to get a new house for our couch (yup.. finally.. as we ordered it back in October!!!).. besides that we decided to buy new dining table chairs in the same color as our couch. Unfortunately we'll have to wait another 14 weeks.. but then we'll have pretty much everything ready in our house.. hehe..

After that we decided to drive towards te beach of Zandvoort not too far away from the city we were at at that moment. The weather was windy but not cold at all! We went out for a long walk on the beach.. so romantic.. hehe..(BTW.. Pascal his cheek is swollen on the pic.. that's because he got surgery on one of his teet last week..poor guy.. )I also created this little card during the weekend (amongst the other cards that I've started to create for Scrapcards issue 2)... I don't like this card too much.. so I decided to show it to you all here on my blog and keep it instead of sending it out for the book.. (and yup.. I've played with some more Doodlebug scraps here.... a new addiction.. hehe..)
And.. the best part.. I was able to see my little niece this weekend! So happy about that.. I'm such a proud auntie.. she has changed so much and she's laughing a lot.. Look at this cute pic.. she's on my moms lap and laughing to my dad.. so cute... I'll leave you all with a layout that I've created a while ago since I don't have anything 'fresh' to show you yet... I soo love these pics with our doggies!Have a great day and thanks again for stopping by!

Friday, March 14, 2008


... a little update!!! I've been so busy this last week and besides that I haven't been feeling too well lately... such a bummer!!!! Oh well, it's weekend for us right now.. so I'm enjoying every second of it.. hehe..

I haven't created too many things during the last couple of days.. I do have a lot of ideas in my mind.. but I just don't have the energy to pull out my stuff and start creating.. Last weekend I did create these little simple cards with some Doodlebug scraps (they're actually already on their way to 3 sweet ladies.. hehe..)

Oh..and I was tagged by Kimberly, Jennifer and Anne for the "You make my day" award.. thank you so much girlies... YOU really made my day!!!!! On my turn I'd like to give a shout out to these extremely inspiring girls and their awesome blogs:

Ingrid (I know you don't like tags.. but I just HAD to mention your awesome blog in this row too.. hehe..)
Lisette (such a pitty you couldn't come over during our little crop 2 weeks ago.. we sure missed you!)
Sherry Wright
Julia Stainton
Amy Coose

My sister just sent me this funny and cute picture of my little niece!! I haven't seen her for 3 weeks now and I sooo hope to see her somewhere this weekend!! I bet she has changed so much!!!! (yup.. I'm a proud auntie.. hehe..)

I'll leave you with a sneak peek of a layout that I've created for CreativeXpress:

Have a great weekend and I promiss to be back with some fresh creations soon!!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wanna know...

........ what I've been working on yesterday?????? On some cards for the 2nd issue of Scrapcards (yup Dutchies... another book is in the make, isn't it exciting!!!!!). I've been asked to participate to this book a couple of weeks ago.. and I'm so excited (*blushing*)! We're working on this book with an amazing team of talented girls, just can't wait to have the real issue in my hands in a couple of months (I think the book will come out around Mothersday overhere in The Netherlands.. so somewhere in May)

As I've been so busy lately (and still am unfortunately, I just don't have time for anything.. big bummer....), I haven't created any 'fresh' creations... buuuut.. I can show you the 2nd layout that was pubbed in the latest issue of Scrapbook Magazine. Pictures are from our trip to California in 2007 and I've played with American Crafts patterned paper here:

As it's only Sunday morning 8AM around here at this moment.. and Pascal is still asleep, I'm going out for a walk with the doggies now.. I hope to have some ME-time afterwards.. hehe..

Have a great Sunday!!!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Thursday!!!

First of all: thank you so much for stopping by at my blog and leaving me so many sweet comments over and over again!!! I'm so happy to have so many friends from all over the world..and I soooo love visiting your blogs too (although I know I've been a bad blog-visitor lately...hehe..)

Are you having a good week until so far?? My week is actually FLYING by.. it's a busy week at work.. it's exhausting.. but I enjoy every second of it!! (buuuut to be honest.... I'll be happy when its Friday night and I'm sitting down on the couch with my PJ's on.. hehe)

As promissed here's the 2nd layout that I've created for CreativeXpress. Our DT was challenged to create a symmetrical layout by using warm and rich colors.. and this is what I came up with (I've used Scenic Route patterned paper here, pictures are from our last trip to France where Pascal and I were having fun taking some 'jumping' pictures.. whahaha)

Some details....

....and some more details...

BTW.. did you ever listened to music by Il Divo?? Well, I never had (as I thought they were 100% opera singers...and I'm no opera fan at all) until 2 weeks ago when I heard a complete CD by them!!! I'm in LOVE is all I can say!!!! (especially with THIS song) I just NEED to have their CD now! Hehe.. And ehm.. they're yummie looking too.... hehe..Ok, gotta go for now.. I really need to do some laundry (my favorite thing.. NOT.. whahah).


Monday, March 3, 2008

Some pics and a little layout

Hey Dutchies, did you all see the latest issue of Scrapbook Magazine?? This issue absolutely rocks!!! There are so many different creations to much inspiration!!! And.. you can find 2 of my layouts inthere too! So cool! I'll start by showing you one of these layouts, it's one with some pictures from our trip to Arizona/California in 2007. I had the opportunity to meet both Kimberly and Janice IRL, and of course we had to take some pics together!!!! So much fun!! (oooww.. I miss you girls so much, I wish I could come over and do it all over again!!!)
Like I said.. our weekend has been really windy!! We did went for a walk with our doggies near the river De Lek not too far away from our house... it was soooooo cold.. but it felt soooo good to be outside and feel the wind in our faces!! The doggies had a blast too... running around.. and they came home all dirty.. hehe..

Here are some pics, first Smokey feeling the wind through his 'hair' hehe...
Pascal and I....

I'm having a day off tomorrow.. I had planned to do some scrapping but I got all kinds of appointments during the day.. so no ME-time at all... bummer...hehe..

Have a great day and thanks again for your sweet comments!!


Saturday, March 1, 2008

So much fun!!!

I've had such a fun scrappin' day today together with Ingrid (thanks girl for coming over!!!).. unfortunately Mandy wasn't able to come.. but we'll definitely pick a new date for another fun day together!!!! That's for sure! And you know what??? We actually did some scrappin' besides all the talking we did!!!! I managed to finish a layout and Ingrid finished some birthday invitations for one of her little girls!!! Just love her work so much!!!! (yeah.. you really gotta check out her blog!!)

And another fun thing.... I'm allowed to show you guys my January assignments for CreativeXpress now!!! I'll start by showing you this this first one with some pictures from our trip to California last year (I've used Imagnisce papers here). Our challenge was to create a layout with a fun and bright colorscheme.. and this is what I came up with.

And some details...

BTW.. have you checked out these goodies by Making Memories??? Wow.. I'm in love.. I just had to order them all.. (they're actually already on their way to me right now.. whahaha)

Some people were wondering what kind of glue I've used to cover the Thickers on the card of my previous post with the Doodlebug Sugar Coating Glitter. Well, I've used ZIG 2-way glue!! That works so perfectly!!! The weather is really bad overhere since yesterday.. we've got a storm!!! It's sooo windy.. our doggies even didn't wanted to go outside the whole day.. whahaha! (and I see some birds having a difficult time flying in the air.. whahaha)

Anyways, I hope you're all having a fun weekend until so far!!!!!

Thanks again for stopping by!!