Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hey.. it's me again!

Yup.. here I am again... I'm having a totally relaxing weekend until now.. I stayed at home most of the day (except for some shopping I had to do)

Pascal had to help his brother moving today.. so I had a looot of ME-time!! I managed to finish a layout for Scrap4life (I'll be able to show it as soon as the Scrap4life newsletter comes out next week)..and I played with some Reminisce scraps.. (I'm having so much fun creating these little cards.. they really help me to bring my mojo back from time to time)Thank you so much for your sweet comments about the missing package from Memory Makers with my original layout, unfortunately no good news... the package is officially lost and DHL over here in The Netherlands told us rudely that it's not their problem anymore (well, it IS.. since THEY lost my package after the first attempt to deliver it at my house) to contact the sender so they can report the package missing to DHL in the US. I'm sooo mad!!! I'll keep you updated.. but I'm affraid that the package will never show up again...

BTW.. I fell in love with Avril Lavigne her new CD during our US trip!!!(that's about the only CD we listened to in the car.. we forgot to take more CD's with us.. whaha)
Especially these beautiful songs: Keep Holding on and Innocence. Never thought I would really love her music this much (and it's not only because the CD is PINK.. whaha)! What's your favorite music at this moment??

I'm gonna make myself a cup of hot tea now (really need that as the weather is so cold at the moment!) and then sit down and watch some TV together with my sweetie!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Helloooooooo... (and a new layout)

I must say that I'm so happy that its Wednesday already!! Only 2 more workingdays and it will be weekend again (yup.. I'm still in the vacation mood as you can see.. hehe..)!! Can't believe it's already more than a week ago since we came home from our trip!! Sooo.. just to remember those awesome weeks.. here's another little picture that I took of my sweetie.. (so happy he loves to wear pink too... hehe..)
I managed to scrap a little bit every day this week after work... I worked on a LO with some pictures from a day at the lake a couple of weeks ago..... and this is how it turned out (used SEI patterned papers here)
BTW...there's still no sign of my Memory Makers package.. I'm really affraid that they (DHL) cannot find it anymore.. so that means my original layout will not come back either!! Such a bummer!!!! I'll definitely call them again this week to see if they know more.. so pleaaseeee.. keep your fingers crossed for me....

Some good news on the other hand!! I ordered the Cuttlebug today! So excited!!!! Hope it will arrive soon... just can't wait to play with my new toy!! YAY!!!!

Ok, gotta go... CSI New York is starting in a couple of mins... Love that so much!!!!! Thanks again for stopping by at my blog and for your sweet comments!!!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Busy Sunday and my pub..

We've had a busy day today.. we had to visit Pascal his parents (his mom fell of her bike yesterday and broke her ankle) and then we went to visit my little (pregnant) sister for her birthday. I had not seen her for about a month.. and her belly really has grown so much!! But she looks great and the best part of it... she feels great too!!!

Here's a little picture that we took before leaving (me, my sister and my mom).
There's still no sign of my Memory Makers package unfortunately.. DHL express never called me back.. so I'll call THEM first thing in the morning.. that's for sure. Buuuut.. Judy of Scrap4life has been so sweet to make a scan of the page I'm on!!!! (thank you soooo much!!!!).. so I can finally show you guys my pub in there!! YAY!!!
And here's the original layout:
Next weekend there will be an awesome "Scrap Pink" event at
Scrap4life (this is a fund raiser event and ALL profits will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure). I'll be doing 2 card-workshops during the weekend!Tickets are still available here.
Unfortunately I did not find a single moment to scrap this weekend.. hope I'll have some time in the upcoming week.. some deadlines are coming up.. so I need to hurry.. hehe..

Have a great Sunday everybody!!


Friday, September 21, 2007

It's weekend!!!! YAY!

Yay.. it's weekend!! Our first workingweek (uhm.. we only worked for 3 days.. hehe..) is over..and we survived it!! The jetlag is gone now happily (we didn't slept for 2 whole nights.. we were so hungry.. whahaha). Starting up again with our 'normal' life is a little hard.. we sooo want to keep that vacation feeling!!!

Starting with my 'normal' life also means.. SCRAPBOOKING!! I finished this little card today with some SEI papers that I bought in the US.. yummie colors to work with!!!
I still havent' got my copy of the Memory Makers Magazine!! I'm so angry at DHL!!! I called them several times to see where my package (with 2 copies of the magazine and my layout that they returned back to me) is... and you know what?? They told me that at this moment they don't know where it is..and they even called it 'LOST' now. I'm so bummed.. Hope that things will be solved soon! I'll keep you guys updated!!!

Here's another little card that I've created for Scrap4life. Our sponsor for this month is Dreamstreetpapers.. such a pleasure to work with their papers!!!
BTW... Linda tagged me during my vacation... sooo.. here I go.. hehe...

YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car): Titie Seat Arosa
YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fav ice cream flavor, favorite cookie): Vanilla brownie
YOUR "FLY Guy/Girl" NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name): N ERG
YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal): Pink dog
YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) Marguerite Scherpenzeel
YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first) BER NA
SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink put "The"): Purple Tea
NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers) Georges Gijsbert
STRIPPER NAME: (the name of your favorite perfume/cologne, favorite candy) Beautiful lifesaver
WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother's & father's middle names ): Louise Bernhard

At this moment I really don't know who to tag anymore.. so if you want to do this on your blog.. considder yourself tagged.. hehe...

Ok gotta go.. need to prepare dinner before Pascal comes home (ok that's not the truth.. he's my personal chef and is always cooking for me.. so I only have to prepare the stuff to cook with.. hehe..)

Have a great Friday everybody!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back home!! (and a layout!)

Yeah.. I'm still a life!!! We're back home (we arrived on Monday evening) after a loooong trip of more than 24 hours... I'm still exhausted because of the jet lag.. but I had to work already today.. so no time at all to be tired... back to the real world!

Here's one of the last pictures we took in the US.... just to remind us of our awesome trip!!
Hope you're all doing OK! Thank you so much for your sweet comments during my trip..and for stopping by each time I updated my blog!!!!!

As promised in my last post with the sneak peek, here's the complete layout that I wanted to share with you. I created this page a couple of months ago with Scenic Route papers (pictures from our 2006 USA trip)
My sweet friend
Kimberly tagged me the other day (thank you so much girlie!).. so here I go!!! The tag is to list 7 random things about me I've done this before but it's been a while so I thought I'd do it again!

So, here are some random facts about me:
1. I love to sit on the couch each night with a little blanket (as I'm always cold) and my laptop on my knees.
2. I love to eat snails... yup.. a loooot of them.. in garlic sauce.. yum yum...
3. I'm always wearing some kind of lipstick!!! I just can't live without it!!!!
4. I'm addicted to RANCH dressing.. unfortunately we don't have that over here in The Netherlands.. so I brought a looooot back with me from the US... hehe...
5. My favorite color is PINK (but I guess you guys know this already huh..).. just can't get enough of this color...I need to wear or use something pink each and every day
6. I've watched the complete "Friends" series for about 10 times already (and more will probably follow.. hehe)
7. My dad is Dutch, my mom is French.. so that means I'm Duench.. whahaha... I'm having a French passport but I'm living in The Netherlands.

On my turn I would love to tag the following sweet girlies: Fauve, Ingrid, Linda, Mandy, Marije & Malin

Still no sign of my Memory Makers magazine.. such a bummer!!! But I'll hope to receive it somewhere this week (I missed the DHL man already twice this week!)!!!!!! So be sure to check back for the pictures.. hehe...

Wishing you all a great day.. and 'talk' to you soon!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Only 1 day to go....

Such a bummer that time is flying by soooo fast!! We only have 1 day left overhere in the US!!!! We're not ready to go home at all... we need more time to visit all other nice spots around here.. but that's not possible unfortunately.. Our plane is leaving on Sunday..

We really enjoyed our stay in LA and our visit to Universal Studio's was awesome. We visited the park already 2 years ago.. but it was great to see it all again!!! Especially the studio tour through the different movie stages!!!! And look who Pascal met overthere.. whahaha...THE HULK!!!
Right now we're in Santa Maria (near Santa Barbara) and we're having more fun!! Yesterday we've visited Hearst Castle in Monterey (a cute castle made of different pieces of art from all over the world)
And today we went to Santa Barbara!!! Hope you're all doing ok! I'll be back soon with some new creations.. I promiss!!!!In the meantime.. here's a little sneakpeek of one of the layouts that I'll be posting here soon....
(I still haven't been able to find the October Memory Makers Magazine in stores overhere.. so I still cannot show you my publication in there.. bummer!)

Have a great day/night and talk to you soon!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finally updating again!

Hi there everybody!! We haven't had any internet access for the last couple of days! Such a bummer! So now I'm finally able to update my blog quickly!!
We've had some awesome days in San Diego.. we visited Seaworld on Saturday... And on Sunday we went to a Beachparty in Oceanside (Janice her little boy turned 5 that day) and I got to meet my S4life DT buddy and scrappy friend Anne!!!! Girlie, thank you so much for stopping by.. so great we finally met IRL!
Here's our picture together (Anne, Janice & I)
Right now we're in Torrance near LA and we're preparing to visit Universal Studio's tomorrow! YAY!! Time is really going by too fast for us.. Just can't believe that next week at this moment we'll be home already!!! (oh well.. I might stay here.. the weather is a lot better than in The Netherlands at the moment.. whahahaha)

BTW.. look who I met at the beach today.. my own Baywatch Pascal.. whahahaha
I hope to be able to update my blog asap with my first American publication in Memory Makers Magazine (October issue.. and it seems that you can find me on page 76.. hehe) I haven't seen it in print yet unfortunately.... I searched all weekend for the magazine.. but NOPE.. it's not in stores for another couple of days!! BUMMER!

Ok, gotta go, we need to get up early in the morning and it's already midnight at the moment.. hehe..

Have a great day everybody! And talk to you soon (thanks for your sweet comments on my TOOT! I'm still so excited!)


Friday, September 7, 2007

Jackpot!! (uhm.. I mean TOOT!!)

Nope.. we unfortunately didn't come back from Vegas with the jackpot.. buuuut.. I've got an amazing TOOOOOOOT to share with you all!

Today I got such an exciting phonecall!!! Peggy called me from The Netherlands (it was in the middle of the night already in Europe at that moment.. hehe..) to let me know that we both have been added to the CreativeXpress design team!!!!! I'm so excited for both of us, CreativeXpress absolutely ROCKS!!!! WOOW!!! Still can't believe it!! I'm soooo looking forward to be able to work with such an amazing group of talented ladies!!!

BTW.. here's the entire layout that I've created last week for Scrap4life!! Our sponsor this month is Dreamstreet Papers, their papers are so much fun to work with!!!
Ok.. back to our vacation!!!!! Before leaving on Tuesday we went for Breakfast together with Janice and Kimberly! Thank you so much girls! I feel so sad we had to say goodbye!!! We've had a great time in Vegas.. no winning.. but loooots of fun!!!
Right now we're in Big Bear City (CA), it's a looooot cooler overhere.. so much nicer to be outside!
Tomorrow we're off to San Diego, we hope to be able to hit the beach overthere!!! We'll be visiting Sea World with Janice and her hubby on Saturday! So excited!!!

Anyways, thanks again for visiting my blog....I promiss I will stop by at your blogs as soon as I'm back at home!!! Thanks for all your sweet comments!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Las Vegas here we come!!!!

Yup.. time in Phoenix went by waaaaaayyyy too fast!!!! Just cannot believe we're here already a week and that we'll be leaving tomorrowmorning to fly to Las Vegas (to make some big $$$$.. whahahahaha.. I wish!!)

We had a pool-party here at Janice her house yesterday! Soooo much fun!!! And finally I got to meet my sweet little scrappy-online friend Kimberly too!!!!! She's such a sweetie!!! (thanks for stopping by girlie!! XOXO).....and her work totally ROCKS!!!!! Go check her out girls!!!! We've had a blast together!!! And yup.. we had to take some pics too...hehe...!!!!
I've been working on another little card for Scrap4life(Dreamstreet is our Sponsor for this upcoming month!).. but unfortunately I cannot show you the whole card yet.. so here's a little sneak peek of it..
And I was tagged twice during the last couple of days by Malin (for the "Nice matter award")and by Mimosa (for "Rockin' Girl blogger"). Thank you so much girlies! I'm so honored.. your work ROCKS too! As I'm on vacation at this moment, and I'm not having too much time behind the internet, I wont tag anyone back at the moment.. so sorry for that!!!!

Well, I'd better run now as we need to get up very early in the morning!!! I'll try to update again later this week as I don't think we'll have internet access in Vegas (we'll be gambling instead of being on the internet I guess.. whahaha.. wish us luck)

Talk to you all soon!!


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Just a little hello and a TOOT!

Just a little post to let you all know that we're still having a great time here in Arizona.. we're still not used to the warm (uhmm..I mean HOT) weather overhere.. but that's ok.. hehe..!!
Right now we're back in Phoenix, doing fun stuf and relaxing a little bit.

Yesterday evening Pascal went out for a Baseball Game while the girls stayed at home.. and you know what we did???? SCRAPBOOKING!! YAY!!! I had to do some assignments for
Scrap4life (so here's a little sneakpeek of the layout.. including a little picture of me scrapbooking.. hehe..)
Oh and I'm having a little TOOT too!!! Remember
this post where I showed you all a layout that I did for a contest at 3bugs?? Well, I got the 3Bugs newsletter this week and guess what?? I won!! WOOHOOO!! So happy about that (and thanks Ingrid for pointing it out to me too!)

Thanks again Janice for having us over at your house! We're having so much fun! You're such a sweetie!!! XOXO

It's passed midnight overhere now.. so it's really time for me to go to bed now!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments!!!