Friday, October 31, 2008

Questions, answers and 'secrets'

Yeah.. here I am with some answers to the most frequently asked questions about my work, my tools and all other things that I'm using to create my projects...

Here I go....

You use a lot of white raised/3d dots on your layouts. Could you please tell me what you use to do that? What product is it?
Well, I'm using Puffy Paint by Tulip for this.. This 3d paint which works perfectly on your creations. Just make little dots with the tip of the little Puffy Paint bottle and let it dry.... (I know that on the back of the bottle it's stated that you have to heat it with your heat tool.. but that didn't work out for me at all.. so I just let it dry this way. ) I've chosen Puffy Paint above regular 3d paint since the Puffy Paint is less luiquid. I bought this paint at Michaels and Target during one of my trips to the US.. but I'm sure there are different onlines stores selling these as well. The other little white ‘donut’ dots that I’m creating on the borders of the pictures are made with a regular white marker (like a Unibal Signo).

I was wondering what you use to make your circles, they always look so nice…
Well, I'm using the Orbis Circle cutter for this. For me this works perfectly.. but I know some people are having problems using it (IF you decide to buy one..remember to turn the wheel counter clockwise).

Your cards are so beautiful. What do you do with them when they're finished? Have you ever thought of selling them on Etsy?
Right now I'm just keeping them in little baskets in my scraproom, and some of them are always displayed in my house. Besides sending some out to friends they just stay inthere....don't know what to do with them (haha). I’ve never thought of selling my cards on Etsy.. but I see lots of cardmakers doing that nowadays…No idea if people would be interested in my creations at all...

I'm just wondering about a product you use. It looks like thread, but thicker.
The 'thread' I'm using is regular embrodery floss/thread by DMC.. This works perfectly on pages and cards.. it's so easy to attach someting to your creations with this stuff. It comes in all kinds of colors so you can make the thread match to your pages easily.

I was wondering what templates you use for your flowers?
You can find the templates in THIS post. Just print them out on cardstock and create your own templates to use over and over again.

What are the little flowers you're using on your cards and other creations?
These are mini Prima flowers.. they come in different bottles.. but I prefer the "Sweet n Sassy" ones. They're so easy to add everywhere (yup.. totally addicted.. haha..)

What are you using to create the small 'holes' in the patterned paper and cardstock?
Well, it's really really easy.. I'm using my sewing machine without thread for this!! No.. it's not my idea.. I totally 'stole' this idea from my sweet friend Peggy.

What kind of glitter are you using on your projects?
Well, I'm totally addicted to Doodlebug Sugarcoating Glitter nowadays, it comes in several colors and it's so easy to use.. I just need to add a little glitter on every project.. haha

What adhesive are you using to adhere the glitter onto your creations?
ZIG 2-way glue is my perfect solution for this!!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Well, I really don't know... when I'm in the scrappy mood I just sit behind my desk with some pictures that inspire me in front of me.. Then I start cutting and creating different shapes, I add some embellishments and when I'm done I start adhering everything onto the paper. I do love to do some blog-hopping once in a while so I definitely get inspiration from all of your work as well!

What do you use to make some details on your creations look 'shiny'.
I love to use Diamond Glaze for this. Just cover the object and let it dry for several hours to get your shiny look (it's also fun to add some regular glitters to the Diamond Glaze to give it a glittery look)

What kind of tool are you using to create the embossed details on your creations?
I love love love to use the Cuttlebug Machine.. never thought I could love a tool this much! The Swiss Dott embossing folder is my favorite at the moment... but there are so many more cool embossing folders.

What's your favorite Manufacturer?
Uhm.. I have so many.. where do I start? Besides KI Memories, Scenic Route, American Crafts, Little Yellow Bicycle, Making Memories, Piggy Tales, Queen & Co and Sassafras Lass I love to use every single brand that makes colorful and fun papers and embellishments...I just grab whatever I like...haha..

Where do you buy your goodies?
Well, I don't have a particular store I like to buy my goodies at.. I just buy things when I see them.. online or in regular Scrapbook Stores.. it just depends in what kind of mood I am.. haha.. Do you have any suggestions? I always love to discover new online stores with yummie goodies.

I hope I was able to answer some of your questions.. if not.. just let me know..

I'll leave you all with a little card that I've just finished.. I was totally inspired by a post on Melanie her blog to use some of my scraps this past week (thanks girlie!)

Wishing you all a great weekend (and a Happy Halloween!)


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What about.. a little layout?

I've had the day off yesterday..and I spent most of the time upstairs in my scraproom!!! YAY!!!

Remember THIS post about a day full of fun with 2 of my sweet friends??? Well, I just HAD to work with our 'flying' pictures yesterday..... just couldn't resist... haha! I'm still looking back to this day with a biiiig smile on my face.. (patterned paper: Dreamstreet Papers) BTW.. everything is straight IRL.. my editing program made it all uneven! Such a pitty!

Some details....

And some more details....

I'm planning on answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding my creations and the tools, the techniques and other things I'm using for my work... soooo.. be on the look out for that in my next post... I'll probably even reveal some of my 'secrets'... haha! So, if you have any things you'd like to know..just leave me a comment and I'll try to answer it for you.

Happy scrappin'!!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

You make me smile.....

My week has been kinda hectic at the office.. so I'm happy that it's weekend now!!!

I've been playing with some more scraps this past week.. this time I've used some Junkitz papers.. just can't get enough of these.. and I just HAD to use the Cuttlebug Swiss dot embossing folder again.. so addictive!!! The little "you make me smile" rub-on is by Melissa Frances.. just love love love to work with these cuties!!!

Remember I told you guys back in May that one of my cards had been picked up by Cards magazine?? Well, I got my copy of the magazine a little while ago (which I totally forgot to tell you)... you can find one of my cards in the September 2008 issue (on page 98):

And this is the card that got picked up, not really my favorite.. but I guess they did like it. (patterned paper: Making Memories).

Well, gotta go.. we're cleaning up and finishing more of my scraproom at the moment (yeah.. I know.. I still haven't posted any pictures.. so sorry about that..)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the winner is........

OMG... more than 35 girls took the time to create a card (and Dawn even created a layout.. so cool!!) with my little workshop!! I'm so excited!!! I've had so much fun looking at your gorgeous creations!!! I asked my BF to randomly draw a name from the hat today......... and the winner is.............. KERRIE!!

Girl, send me your addy and I'll send you the RAK as soon as possible. Be on the look out for more workshops.... I'm having so much fun preparing these for you all!

I've been playing with some more scraps this week.. I didn't have too much time.. but I sure had fun creating this little card... (patterned paper Junkitz & Little Yellow Bicycle)

And looooookieee who I've seen this past weekend!!!!!! My little niece Demi.. she's so funny.. totally loves to play with all kinds of plastic bowls....she loves to put them on her head which makes her giggle really hard.. awww.. cutiepatootie.... I'm in love.. can you see?? haha!

Well, I still have lots to do this evening.. so I'd better shut down my puter for now...

Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, October 19, 2008


This weekend I've spent some more time in my scraproom.. YAY!!! And you know what I've done?? Well, I've created 11 invitations for my niece's 1st birthday next month. My sister didn't have an idea what kind of invitations she wanted to send out.. soooo.. while blog-surfing a little while ago I found an amazing idea on Jennifer McGuire her blog!!! It looks kinda simple... but it's so much fun to create!!!!!

I started by ordering this little collage 15x15cm (almost 6"x6") which I've created in Adobe Photoshop Elements. I've used 1 picture per month so people can see the changes of my little niece.

I created a little 'window' in the collage by cutting 3 sides of the middle picture, to be able to flip the window open... I added a little poem behind the window (printed on white paper)...

Then I adhered the collage to a piece of 17x17cm (almost 6,7"x6,7") to create the little white border around the collage.

I ended by adding a chipboard '1' (I wrapped a little piece of floss around it) and a little Prima flower with bling, to the middle picture.

Unfortunately you cannot see the details too clear... but I can asure you that the invitations looked so cute all together.. and my sister loved them too happily.. Can't wait to hear what the receivers will say about it.. For me it sure was a fun little project to work on.. hehe..

You still have until tomorrow to play along for my little workshop, I'll pick a winner on Tuesday! I've seen so much fun cards passing by again today!! I'm so excited to see everybody's creations here!! Thanks for making my day!!!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

A little layout and thank you..

First of all I'd like to thank you all for your sweet comments on my little workshop from few days ago! I'm so excited to see what you're all doing with my step by step instructions.. I've seen some awesome cards passing by already!!! You still have until next Monday (22nd) to play along.. soooo.. what are you waiting for?? Just can't wait to see what you all come up with!

I've been playing with some scraps too these past days.. and yup.. I think I'm having a new colorcombo addiction.. hahaha... Green/Pink is definitely the perfect colorcombo for me at the moment.. sooo.. here's another little layout with some pictures from our trip to France back in August.. my grandparents are still working in their garden as much as they can..even at their age (90 and 95)... so when we're visiting them we always try to help out a little bit.. which ended in a little photoshoot.. (patterned paper: Scenic Route & Little Yellow Bicycle)

Some details...

And some more details....

On another note.. we've booked our next trip (I know, I know.. we're traveling a lot.. we're just enjoying life..haha).... this time we'll be flying to Vegas at the end of March.. and we'll be doing a round trip... so much fun!! We were not exactely looking for another trip to Vegas, since we've been there already 3 times before.. buuuut.. we've got an amazing deal to fly there (including 2 nights at a hotel!).. Our tickets are booked now..the only thing that we need to do now is to figure out what kind of things we'd like to do and see.. woohooo.. just can't wait!!!!

Ok.. gotta run.. I'm working on a mini album for my little niece Demi, she'll be turning 1 in a I'm creating this as a present for her.. I hope to be able to show you some sneakies soon.. the pictures are too cute.. that's for sure...

Have a great Thursday everybody..thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Well.. HELLO there!

Finally a little update... I haven't forgotten about you all.... I've just been sooo busy lately.... hehe.. I didn't get anything scrappy done unfortunately... buuut.. I've had fun.. that's for sure!!!

Yesterday was the best day of the week... I've had a little reunion with 2 friends.. it had been over 15 years since I had seen one of the girls (we've met again through Hyves a few months ago)... so we had to catch up biiiiiig time.. hehe.. So much fun to spend some time together after such a long time. We went away for a High Tea.. yum yum yum.. And of course I took my camera with me.. we had a fun little photoshoot together.. the weather was awesome.. (although I really think that people around us thought we were crazy or something like that.... whahahaha..)

I'll leave you all with 2 little cards that have also been pubbed in Cards-Only Magazine. First of all this card created with some Sassafras scraps.. I've added different kinds of embellishments to the center of the flowers..and of course some Puffy Paint (cannot live without that.. haha)

And another card from my Cuttlebug article.. I've used the embossing template inside out.. this way I got 'holes' in the card instead of embossed dots.

In the meantime I'd like to say THANK YOU for taking the time to stop by at my blog..and for taking the time to do something with the little workshop from my previous post. You still have until Monday October 20th to play along!!!!

Happy Scrappin'!!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Another little workshop!!!!

As mentioned in my previous post I've been working on a little workshop this past weekend.... Soooo.. here it is.....

I'd love to challenge YOU to play along and create a card following this workshop, post it on your blog or somewhere else and add a link to your card in the comments section of this post at latest on Monday October 20th!!! I'll pick one random winner on Tuesday October 21st who will receive a fun RAK including a copy of the September issue of
Cards Magazine. (unfortunately the pics aren't too clear as the weather was really grey at the moment I was preparing my workshop)

Needed: Piece of white cardstock in any size you want, 4 strips of patterned paper, Doodlebug paper frills or another tiny strip of patterned paper, 1 large handcut flower made of patterned paper, 3 small Prima flowers, 1 piece of floss, chipboard alphabet, ribbon in any color you want, rubons, glitters, 7 jewels, staples, Distress ink and if possible a Cuttlebug or other diecut machine including some embossing templates and a sewing machine to stitch without thread on the borders of the cardstock and patterned paper.

Cut 4 small strips of patterned paper. I’ve added some embossed dots (created with my Cuttlebug machine) to 2 of the strips and I’ve made a line of ‘holes’ on the other 2 by using my sewing machine without thread. You can distress the borders by adding some black ink to it.

Get the piece of white cardstock in front of you and fold it in half. Adhere the 4 strips side by side to the card (as shown). Use your sewing machine to make holes all along the borders of your card. (before adhering the strips to the card I’ve used some sandpaper to sand the embossed dots to make them ‘pop’ a little more.

Start creating a big layered flower.
- Handcut a big flower from patterned paper (by using the template which you can also find in this post). You can also add some holes to the petals of the flower by using your sewing machine. I decided to distress the edges of my flower as well.

- Use your Cuttlebug machine to create the embossed circle, of course you can also use another tool to create a regular circle.

- Handcut the embossed shape or another regular circle.
- Add some adhesive around the edges of the circle..and add some glitters to it to give it a shiny look.
- Then adhere the circle to the middle of the handcut flower.

- Cut some little pieces of ribbon.
- Adhere these little pieces to the back of the flower, behind the petals (as shown) with a little dot of adhesive or with some glue dots.

Go on and on with the little ribbon strips until the flower is finished:

Adhere the layered flower to upper part the card (as shown) and adhere a strip of paper frills or another little strip of patterned paper to the lower part of the card (as shown)
- Start adding the title of your card now.. I’ve used some chipboard letters here.. but you can use some rubons as well if you want. In this case I’ve wrapped a little piece of floss around one of the letters.. just to give it a fun look.
- Add the 2nd part of the rubon to a little piece of white cardstock.. and cut it out. Add this little piece of your title to the card as well.. (as shown)

- Adhere the 3 Prima flowers to the lower left part of the card (as shown) and add jewels to the middle of the flowers.
- Adhere 4 little jewels to the upper right part of the card as well.

Add some staples for a finishing touch and distress the borders of the card with some black distressing ink.


Here's the template with the different flowers again.. I've used the largest flower for my little workshop.

Happy Scrappin'! Can't wait to see what you all come up with!!!

***EDITED: I'm having email problems since a few days.. I cannot read or send any emails (I'm affraid my provider has even lost all emails that haven't been delivered until now). If you've tried to contact me and you didn't receive any answer yet.. try to contact me at:


Saturday, October 4, 2008

A little workshop in the make....

You know what I've been up to today???? Well, I've been preparing a little card workshop for you all!! Lots of people have been asking if I could post a new tutorial.. sooo.. don't forget to stop by this upcoming Monday since I'll be posting my workshop then!!! And yup.. I'll have an awesome prize to give away as well! Here's a little sneakpeek of the card...

This week my mom celebrated her 60th birthday! Tonight we'll have a big party planned for her...and last Wednesday we went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant.. we bought her a bouquet of 60 roses and besides that my sister and I arranged a long weekend away with our whole family in November.. just can't wait (yup.. that means a whole weekend with my little niece Demi.. haha)

Since it's World Card Making day Today I'll leave you all with a simple little project that has been pubbed in the previous issue of Cards Only Magazine. There was a baby-theme in this issue.. so I decided to create these little birth announcement bottles with little cards attached to it (including some almond candies)...I had created something similar for my niece's birth last year.

Some details...

And some more details....

Happy World Card Making day.. I'm off to create some more cards... I hope to have some time to do some challenges that are all over the web today... and I'll definitely be back with my new little workshop on Monday!!!!