Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ok girls (and boys.. hehe) I took some pics of my new hairdo.... FINALLY! (I know.. whahaha). I haven't been able to take pics during the days.. so I only have 2 with my flash on.. hehehe.. I'll take some better ones this weekend okay??

The back (not too short huh.. only layers..but lots of different highlights in it):
The front (yup.. a lot shorter than before):

And LOOK what Laetitia sent me last week!!!! Such a great cute!!!!! (merci tout plein Laetitia.. cela m'a vraiment fait plaisir!)

I had started this card a little while ago.. and I finally finished it this week!!! I really need to get back in my scrapbooking mood.. I soooo miss playing with my goodies.. I still haven't found my mojo.. but I hope to be able to do something this upcoming weekend!!!

Are you having any plans for the weekend? We're off to visit some friends on Saturday who welcomed a little boy about 2 months ago..and we've planned to go to the movies afterwards.. something we don't do too often (we just don't take the time for that.. hehe..).. just can't wait!

Wishing you all a great weekend!!! I hope to be back with some 'fresh' creations soon!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Monday!!

Our weekend went by waaay too fast (as usual.. hehe).. we've been so busy with shopping (YEAH!) and having Pascal his parents over at our house yesterday... So our weekend was gone in a blink of an eye!!!!

And you know what?? I still don't have a good picture of my hairdo!! I'm so sorry about that. We went over to my parents house this weekend as my little niece was overthere.. so we took a couple of pics and when I asked Pascal to take a pic of my new hairdo.. OUR BATTERY WENT DEAD! Grrrr! I'm so mad about that! Buuuut.. I'll take some good pics soon.. I promiss!!! I only have this picture but you cannot see my new hair too well.... (it's a lot shorter with high and lowligths in it)
Aww..and look at miss Demi... awwww... I'm in loooooveeeeee.. cutie!
I didn't take the time to scrap this weekend unfortunately.. so nothing 'fresh' to show you..'s another little layout that I've created for CreativeXpress. (you can find all details about it HERE)

Some details....

And some more details....

Oh and I've been tagged by my sweet friend Kimberly!!! (thanks girlie.. XOXO) I'll do this one in my next post!!! I promiss!!!

I'm off to take a shower and then I'm off to bed.. I'm exhausted.. pffff...

Have a great day everybody!!!


Friday, January 25, 2008

It's weeeeeeekend!!!

Yaaaay.. it's weeeeeekend!!!! I just came back from work and I'm sitting down now with our doggies next to me.. so cozy.. hehe..

My appointment at the hairdresser went great (although I had to sit down for about 4 hours.. which is really difficult for me..hehe..)!!! They cut off a big piece and they put highlights and lowlights in my hair.. I think it looks great.. but I still have to get used to it.. hehe.. I'll take a pic of my new hairdo tomorrow when it's light outside and I'll show you asap!!!! I promiss!!

Today I'm finally allowed to show you guys my
CreativeXpress creations from last month!! YAY!!! I'll start with this little layout.. our assignment was to create a spring-themed layout.. and this is what I came up with... I played with some ProvoCraft/Rob&Bob papers here!!! You can find detailed info about this layout HERE.

Some details...And some more details...
I hope to have some time this weekend to get my scrapbook goodies out of the dust and see if my mojo came back.. hehe..

I'm off to watch some TV with my cutiepatootie now.. thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello there!!

I'm here again!! Finally updating my blog!! My neck is doing much better happily.. it's still hurting but not as much as it did before! I'm happy it all ended this way.. it's a biiiig bummer I couldn't attend to the awesome SIS-crop last Saturday.. the girls had so much fun together!!! But I'll be there again for the next one!!!! That's for sure!!!!

You know what I did this last weekend?? Well, I started looking for my mojo and decided to use Pencil Lines Sketch #67 for this!!! I'm really not back in my scrapbooking mood yet.. but I came up with this little layout (pictures: from our 2007 US trip) I played with some Doodlebug goodies here!!!
I hope you're all having a great week! Today I decided to make an appointment at a real cool hairdresser... I really want something else... I want to keep it long.. maybe with some layers in it.... but normally when I say this I end up coming back exactely with the same hairdo as the last 10 or 15 years.. hehe.... but this time I really want some advice what to do and I might even ask them to color it.. wow.. I'm so nervous!! I'll keep you guys updated ok?? Keep your fingers crossed for me.. hehe..

Have a great evening and thanks again for stopping by and for your sweet sweet words!!!!!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bad bad blogger.....

Hey there everybody! Don't worry.. I'm still here.. but I've had such a busy week, I kept looking for my mojo everywhere and on top of that I twisted my neck so badly yesterday on my way to work that I had to see the doctor.. at first I thought everything was ok.. but it started to hurt more and more through the hours and I got major cramps too... So I ended up leaving my car at work and a collegue had to bring me back home! UGH! I so hate those things! Still now my neck is hurting and I'm taking loooots of meds (yup.. I'm a little crocky at the moment because of that.. whahaha). Oh well, things will pass by..

The worse thing was that I had planned to go to the 2nd Dutch
SIStv crop today!!!! I was so looking forward to this day, cropping together.. meeting all SISTERS (about 28 girls from 3 different countries).. and suddenly I had to cancel it because of all this! I really hope you girls had a great time together! The next crop I'll be there again.. that's for sure!!

Happily I had something fun to look at this morning when I woke up.. Silvia created this fun little movie from the 1st crop!!!!

Unfortunately I don't have anything 'fresh' to show you at the moment.. so I'll end up with a layout that I've created a little while ago! (looking at these pics make me wish it was summer again.. hehe)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend..and don't worry about me.. I'll be fine!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mojo...where are you???

Has anyone found my mojo????? Yup girls (and euhm..boys) ... I've lost my scrappin' mojo!! I haven't really scrapped in 2 weeks now!! Just can't believe it.. this never happened to me before!!! I kept staring at my scrap goodies the whole weekend.. but NOTHING came out of my hands! Such a bummer!!!

I really need to take some time to visit all of your blogs to get some inspiration! Things have been so busy lately!! I really hope things will change soon!! I've so many yummie goodies laying here...

I did receive a great package with this special issue of Paper Crafts Magazine! So cool!!!
You know what I found in the magazine!! Yup.. a little card by me!! Hehe.. (I've used Scenic Route patterned paper for this card).
Oh and LOOK!! My sister sent me this cute picture of Demi today!!! Demi's first dress.. hehehe.. I haven't seen her in about a week now..and she has changed so much again!
I'm off to prepare some stuff for tomorrow as I'll be having a big meeting at work tomorrow (including a new years party and staying the night at a hotel).
Talk to you soon!! Thanks for stopping by!!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meeting Ingrid, Lisette & Mandy...

Meeting Ingrid, Lisette and Mandy last monday was so much fun! We had a great crop night.. uhm.. I mean CHAT night.. hehe... we did try to scrap a little bit.. we were just not too creative (or too busy chatting together.. whahahaha). Girls, thank you so much for coming over and for the gorgeous bouquet of flowers!! This was so much fun! (definitely something we have to do again another time!). And Lisette, have a safe trip back to Australia!

Here's a little pic of the 4 of us! I'm really happy that it's already Thursday! Only 1 more workingday to go and it will be weekend again! I really hope to be able to do get some scrapping done.. I've got some 'fresh' pictures to play with! YAY!!!

I've created this layout (which I framed) for my sister to hang in my niece's bedroom. I've used ProvoCraft (Rob & Bob) papers here.I'm off to bed now.. I'm exhausted.. I've been so busy at work today!

Have a great day and thanks again for stopping (and for your sweet sweet comments)!!


Monday, January 7, 2008

Hello Monday!

Yup.. it's already Monday! My weekend flew by so fast!! I didn't do too much (nope.. not even scrapping) because I really had no energy to do anything at all.. don't know why.. and still today... no energy at all!!! Hope that will change soon.. hehe... I really WANT to do some scrapping!!!

I did visit my sister and my little niece today! So excited to see her again after a whole week..and she has changed to much since last week!!!!So much more alert!
And here's a little card that I've created for CreativeXpress last month!! We had to work with these Provocraft papers and create a Valentine themed heartshaped card. So this is what I came up with!!!!
And some details....
Tonight I'm having Ingrid, Lisette and Mandy coming over for a fun scrap (at least.. we have planned to do some scrapping.. but I'm affraid it will be more chatting instead of scrapping..hehe..) evening.... So excited about that!! I promiss to take some pics to show you this week ok??

I'll leave you all with a little sneak peek of a layout that I've created for CreativeXpress!!!
Happy scrappin' everybody!!


Thursday, January 3, 2008

We have a winner.. and a little layout!

First of all: thank you so much for all your sweet New Years wishes!!!!!!!

Remember I posted a card workshop back in December??? I'm so happy that so many of you took the time to create a little card folowing this workshop!!!! I asked my BF to pick randomly a name today for a RAK.. and the winner is...... drumroll.......... MARIE!!! (Marie, e-mail me your addy and I'll send you a little something!!!). Thanks to all of your for playing along!! Be sure to check out my blog in a little while for some more little workshops!!

A little while ago I showed you all a sneak-peek of a layout that I had created for CreativeXpress!!!! Well, I'm allowed to show you the whole layout now!!!! So happy about that. I've used KI Memories patterned paper here. The pictures are from our US trip in 2007!
And here are some details.....
A lot of people are wondering what tool I'm using to create the circles on my creations, well I'm using a Orbis Circle cutter for this. For me this works perfectly.. but I know some people are having problems using it (IF you decide to buy one..remember to turn the wheel counter clockwise). Here's a little pic of this circle cutter: I'm gonna sit down with a cup of hot tea now.. it's so cold outside.. brrrr... but it's nice and cozy inside.. we still have our Christmas tree up.. hehe..

Have a great day and thanks again for stopping by!!