Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm baaaack... and we have a winner!!!

Hey there everybody! So sorry for not updating my blog any earlier!!!!!! Last Monday we arrived back in The Netherlands from our Florida trip. We've had so much fun!! Such a pitty that time went by so fast... just can't believe that we're back already..and on top of that we had to go back to work already the next day.. so it's a good thing that it's weekend now.. that way we can catch up a little bit with our daily stuff!!!

Here's a little impression of what we've been up to during the last days of our vacation.. we've visited te Everglades (and were able to hold an Aligator!), we've visited the Keys (with loooooots of rain) and we ended in Miami to spend the last 2 days (with more rain.. whaha.. ) On top op that we've had a fun night out in Miami with Vanessa and Ady and their families (thanks girls.. both Pascal and I had so much fun!!!! Such a pitty we didn't have much time together!!)

Unfortunately nothing scrappy to share today.. I hope to have some ME-time tomorrow!!! Buuuut.. I do have a random winner to announce from my last little workshop, thank you so much for playing along.. I've had so much fun looking at all of your beautiful creations!!!!!! I had my BF to randomly draw a name from the hat...... and the winner is...... Marianne!! Girl, send your addy to so I can send you a fun fun little something!!! I'll definitely be back with another little workshop soon!!!!

On another note.. I'll be teaching at Cards at the Castle on August 23 in Doorn (The Netherlands) together with Jeanet, Marije, Moon and some more awesome teachers!!! I'm so excited!! We're going to have so much fun! You can find more info (in Dutch) about this fun day HERE.

I'm off to do some more laundry (yup.. we came back with 2 suitcases of laundry..and I still haven't finished all of it.. bummer)

Enjoy your weekend and I'll update soon with some fresh scrappy things!!!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another little update...

Yeah.. we're still in Florida at the moment.. and we're still having so much fun.. the weather is awesome (unfortunately it's raining almost every day.. but that's ok.. that way we can cool off a little bit.. haha). We're actually in Naples right now and we're about to travel further to our next hotel in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow.. we've planned to take a road through The Everglades.. so I'm curious what kind of beautiful things we're going to see there!!

Anyways.. here's a little impression what we've been up to during the last couple of days....
Hey Dutchies..... did you know that the next issue of Scrapbook Magazine hit the stores last Friday??? It's awesome!!!! So check it out!!! Here's a layout that was pubbed in the previous issue... a layout with some pics from the 1st SIStv Crop back in November 2007.
And some details....
I'm off to prepare some stuff for our next trip tomorrow! Thanks again for stopping by

--> Oh.....and remember.. you still have until Monday June 23rd to complete your card for my little workshop!!!! Happy scrappin'!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

We're having so much fun!!

Just a little update to let you all know that we're having so much fun in Florida (although it's really hot.. we're melting.. whaha). Here's a little impression of what we've been up to until today!!

We've visited Daytona Beach...
...some fun parks in Orlando (Epcot & Disney MGM Studio's)
..... St. Petersburg
... and some gorgeous beaches around Tampa

Fun fun fun!! And we're having another 1,5 weeks coming up! YAY!!

Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my little workshop in the previous post.. just can't wait to see what you all come up with!!!!!

I'll try to update again asap!!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bye bye.. and a little workshop!!!!!

Yeah... we'll be leaving for our trip to Florida tomorrow (we'll be traveling from Orlando to Miami in about 2 weeks)! WOOHOO! Today I'm having a day off to do some last minute things (like preparing our suitcases, cleaning the house and bringing our doggies away as they will be staying with my parents during our trip)

Sooo.. as promissed... here's another little workshop for you all!!! I'd love to challenge YOU to create a card following this workshop, post it on your blog or somewhere else and add a link to your card in the comments section of this post at latest on Monday June 23rd!!! I'll pick one random winner on Tuesday June 24th (when I'm back from my vacation) who will receive a fun fun RAK. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!! (unfortunately the pics are not as good as normally as the weather was really grey at the moment I was preparing my workshop)

Needed: Piece of white cardstock in any size you want, 1 square, 1 small strip and 1 tiny strip of patterned paper, 1 large and a small circle of patterned paper, 1 handcut flower, 1 clear button, a piece of floss, chipboard alphabet, 1 safety pin, 1 large stickpin, 3 tiny Prima flowers, glitter, 3 Jewels, staples, Puffy Paint (or another kind of 3d paint) and if possible a sewing machine to stitch without thread on the borders of the cardstock and patterned paper.

Get the piece of white cardstock in front of you and fold it in half. Then cut a small strip off the front of the card and add the small strip of patterned paper to the inside part of the card (that way this piece is shown when closing the card). Distress the edges with some black ink.
Add the square of patterned paper to middle of the front of the card and layer the tiny strip on top of it (to the upper left part, as shown)
Then adhere the circle of patterned paper to the middle of the square (on top of the tiny strip of patterned paper)
Take the handcut flower in front of you and start layering it with the small circle of patterned paper, the clear button (with floss through the holes) and the safety pin (as shown) Don’t mind the glue that is showing through the button.. I didn’t had time to wait until it dried entirely.. hehe…
Add the layered flower to the upper right part of the front of card and make it “hang” over the edge a little bit (that way it “flies” in the air a little bit when opening the card).
Adhere the 3 Prima flower to the lower left part of the circle and add jewels to the middle of the flowers.
Adhere the title of the card (Chipboard and/or rubons) to the circle (or anywhere you want..)
Put some glue on the borders of the petals of the flower and add some glitters to it to give it a glittery look. And add some staples as well.
- Add a large stickpin to the button.
- Add some Puffy Paint/3d paint dots around the circle (as shown)


Oh.. I know some of you are wondering how I'm creating the handcut flowers on my cards/layouts, well I'm having different templates made of cardstock laying on my scraptable. I draw them on the back of my patterned paper and hancut them afterwards. To help you guys a little bit I've scanned some of them!!! (I have them as a JPG file too overhere in my computer.. if you want me to send them to you.. just let me know)

Have fun creating while I'm gone!!

I'll try to update my blog while we're in Florida.. but I'm not sure if we'll have internet access on our way!!! Otherwise we'll be back in The Netherlands on June 23rd!!!



Monday, June 2, 2008

Time is flying by.....

....... when you're having fun!!! This weekend really flew by.... we've done some last minute shopping for our vacation and we had our parents coming over for a BBQ on Sunday since the weather was so good! Fun fun fun!!!

I did a little scrappy shopping as well... I bought some new Heidi Swapp goodies and couldn't resist playing with them.... so here's a little card that I just HAD to create immediately when I came home with these papers....

And here's a little pic of the 2 of us from this weekend (including our doggies.. but they were playing around together and were not in the mood to look in the camera.. haha).. I've prepared a little goodbye card with this picture on it for both of our parents which will arrive at their place on Friday when we're on our way to Florida!! (something I'm always doing to "surprise" them before leaving for a trip..) I'll be back with another little workshop in the course of the week!!

Have a good week!!!!