Monday, July 28, 2008

Well, helloooooo there!!

Since it was going to be a perfect summer day today we decided to take the whole day off from work to go to the beach. Yesterday evening we started to prepare everything to be sure that we could leave really early in the morning..... until.... we looked out of our window when we woke up this morning.... It was all grey and dark.. just like it would start raining in a sec!!! NOOO!! This was soooo NOT what we had planned! Sooo.. just to be sure we stayed around the house......just doing some errands.... UGH! Such a pitty!!! The weather turned out not too bad at all.. but no beach weather.. that's for sure..

Last month I was challenged by CreativeXpress to work with some yummie Imaginisce "A shore thing" goodies. The layout definitely didn't turn out the way I wanted.... I really miss some details.. but I'm not sure what.. hehe.. (pictures: from our California trip in 2007)

Right now I'm working on some cute cards for my first ever card workshop on August 23rd in Doorn (The Netherlands)! So excited about that.. but I'm also kinda nervous if my creations will turn out the way I want!! I'm working with some yummie new American Crafts goodies!! YAY!! They are so colorful and fun to work with!

Ok, I'm going to make some coffee and sit down a little bit before returning to my scraptable!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

~Happy Thursday~

Another week is flying by!!! Vacation has really started everywhere.. it's so quiet on the roads and at work!! Makes me feel like I need another vacation.. hehe! The weather has been really sunny today.. I hope this will last until the weekend.. I really need some relaxing time hanging in a chair in our backyard with some gossip magazines.. hehe..

I did finish the layout I've been talking about in my previous post.. I'll try to show it to you as soon as I can! I promiss! Working with those yummie Heidi Swapp goodies really gave me some extra mojo.. hehe..

Since tomorrow will be uploading day at CreativeXpress... I'm allowed to show you one of last months creations.... Our designteam was challenged to create a card set by using some fun masking tape by Provocraft. So that's what I did.. I covered a large strip of cardstock with the tape.. and this is how it turned out:

And some details (as you can see I've used some yummie Doodlebug sugar coating glitter on the edges of the flower to give it a glittery touch). Patterned paper by My Mind's Eye.

I'll show you the 2nd card asap! Oh BTW.. don't forget to check out the CreativeXpress boards!! There's a new Design Team call going on there!!!!! You can find all details HERE. You have until August 4th to enter! Good luck!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you so much for stopping by again!


Sunday, July 20, 2008


.... who I saw today!!! My little niece Demi!! So excited about that!!! It had been over 3 weeks since I saw here.. and yup.. she has changed sooo much again! She likes to grab my hair the whole time.. whahaha.. Such a happy baby.. I'm so proud to be her auntie!!!

We've been painting the whole weekend.. I think a few days to go and our extra room at the attic (I mean: my scraproom.. whaaha) will be ready!! YAY!!! Just can't wait to put all my scrappy stuff up there.. after more than 2 years we'll be able to use our dining table again (since this has been my scrapspace during this time)

I did started working on a fun layout with some yummie Heidi Swapp papers this weekend.. unfortunately it's not ready yet so I'll leave you all today with another little card that was pubbed in the previous issue of Cards Only. (patterned paper: Scenic Route)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another little card...

We've been really busy this past week..mostly with all the things that have to be done in the extra room they're creating for us on the attic.. yesterday they've placed some large windows in our roof.. and it's so light inside the room now!!! Just unbelievable!! (I'll take some pictures tonight.. I promiss).. Soooo.. tonight we'll be painting again.. there's so much to do! I'm still not 100% sure what kind of colors I'd like to use.. but I'm thinking about this colorcombo. Soo.. wat do you think about it??

Since I haven't had any ME-time this week to create anything scrappy related, I'll leave you all with a little card that was pubbed in the previous issue of Cards Only.

Gotta run to have dinner and then its painting time again! YAY!!! (soo.. don'tbe surprised if you see me walking around with some paint in my hair and on my face tomorrow.. whahaha)

Thanks for stopping by (and I promiss to make my blog round soon too.. I just miss reading all of your blogs so much!)


Monday, July 14, 2008

What about...

....a little layout!! Yeah.. it's been a while.. but I've finished a layout this past weekend!!! And yeah.. I've finally worked with some more pictures of my little niece Demi!!!! I'm not too happy how this layout turned out.. I miss 'something' but I'm not sure 'what'. (BTW the background of the layout is white, on the picture it looks somehow light blue)

We've had a quiet weekend, we've been driving around a little bit for ideas for decorating the room they're creating for us at the attic.. but nope.. we're still not sure what we would like to do up there.. hehe.. Oh well, happily we're not in a hurry.. hehe..

I'll leave you all with another little card that was pubbed in the previous issue of Cards Only Magazine. (patterned paper: Making Memories)

That's about it for today.. hehe..

Have a good week!!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Fridaaaaaayyyyy!!

So happy about that! I'm having half a day off today.. . so I'm enjoying my ME-time by scrapping a little bit (and surfing on the internet of course.. haha). They're still working to create our extra room`(I scraproom.. hehe..) on the attic... I hope they'll be finished by the beginning of next week so we can start cleaning everything..and the best part: DECORATING!! YAY!!! I'm still not sure what kind of colors I'd like to use up there.. sooo.. if you have any suggestions.. pleaassseee share them with me!!

On another note... .. are you ready for another little card?? This one was pubbed in Cards Only Magazine (and it even made it onto the cover!!)! I've used some Dreamstreet Papers here! Yum yum yum.

BTW... Can you believe it's been a year since I've started blogging? I just noticed it on my visitors counter!! In this past year almost 83.000 people have visited my blog.. just unbelievable!!! I've met so many wonderful people through my blog!! Your sweet comments really make me smile over and over again..Thank you so much!!!

Gotta run.. but I'll be back soon with some more new creations! I promiss!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday!!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rain rain rain....

.... yup.. that's the kind of weather we're having for about 2 days already.... they call this time of year "summer".. but it doesn't feel that way at all.. hehehehhehehe...

Just can't believe that we're back home for 2 weeks already! Somehow our vacation went by so fast..and it feels like we've been back for MONTHS already.. hehe.. Definitely looking forward to another trip.. which we've actually planned for the 2nd week of August.. we'll be visiting my grandparents then.. just can't wait!!!!

Soooo... since the new Cards Only magazine will hit the stores this week.. I can show you another card that was pubbed in the previous issue! (patterned paper: Scenic Route)
I'm off to watch Prison Break.. we just got Season 2 on DVD.... YAY!!! (yup.. totally addicted.. whaha)

Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments over and over again!!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

So excited!!

I'm soooo excited as the new Cards Only magazine came out last week..and yesterday I got my copy including my very first written article (about the Cuttlebug) in it!!!!!! WOOHOO! There are so many inspiring cards in there!!!! Girls, you all did a great job again this month!!!

Sooo Dutchies.. be on the look out for the new magazine as it will hit the stores somewhere next week!!!

Since this issue came out I'm allowed to show you the cards that were pubbed in the previous issue!!! So I'll start with showing you this little card (patterned paper: Dreamstreet Papers) As you can see I've adhered some jewels to the brad here.. so much fun to do..and it gives a perfect effect!!!

And another card that was pubbed in there (patterned paper: 3Bugs in a Rug)

I'm off to clean up our attic as they'll start creating an extra room up there for us somewhere this week..... so that means I'll finally have a scrapbook room all for myself! WOOHOO (right now I'm using our diningtable downstairs)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and talk to you all soon!!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Candy jar...

Yup.. I've managed to do another little scrappy thingy (in between all other stuff I had to do this week.. hehe..).. My grandma in France is having her 90th birthday next week.. unfortunately we'll not be able to celebrate it together with her.. but my parents will visit her for a week.. soooo.. since I never know what to buy for my sweet little granny, I decided to fill a biiiiig jar with hard candies.. something she totally adores!!

Of course I couldn't just give her the plain jar.. so I've started decorating the jar a little bit (yup.. I was totally inspired by Melissa for this project... she makes the most amazing things!) and this is what I came up with....

And some details...

OH well it's kinda simple, just a piece of ribbon, a button, a stickpin and a chipboard flower (covered with Doodlebug sugarcoating glitter).. but I like how it turned out.

Oh..and I've been tagged by a bunch of awesome girls.. so sorry that I haven't done the tag yet.. just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you.. you girls are sooo sweet! And on my turn I really think you ALL deserve this fun award!!!!
I hope you're all having a good week until so far!! Only one workingday to go and it will be weekend again.. just can't wait! I've planned to visit Paper & Pictures this Saturday to pick up the newest Cards Only magazine!! WOOHOOO!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!

I hope you're all having a great week until so far!!! I'm so happy that we're having real summer weather today!!!! (but such a pitty we had to work the whole day) Pascal is preparing our BBQ at the moment so we'll have dinner in our back yard tonight... YAY!!! The doggies are not feeling too well during this kind of weather.. I went for a small walk with them..but they were so happy to be back in our cool house again.. hehe..

I finally managed to do something scrappy! My dad turned 62 last Sunday so I quickly prepared him this little card (patterned paper: Heidi Swapp)
To celebrate his birthday we had a fun night together... and loooook who was there too!!!! Yeah.. Demi!! After almost 6 weeks of not seeing her I was so happy to see her happy face! She has changed so much and she's even crawling now!!
I'm off to prepare everything for our BBQ.. yum yum (I'm hungry.. haha)