Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A little card...

Wow.. this week is really flying by! It's already Wednesday!!!!!! Only 2 days to go and it will be weekend again.. YAY!! The weather was awesome today, I even went for a walk during my lunchbreak at work.. it was so sunny and clear!!!!! (and I ended up not wanting to work anymore the rest of the day.. whahaha)

I've played with some Doodlebug scraps this week and I've created this little card with it (I've covered the American Crafts Thickers with Doodlebug sugar coating glitter.. this stuff is totally addictable!) So sorry for the bad picture!!
BTW... I'm so excited.. this upcoming Saturday I'll be meeting Ingrid and Mandy again!! We've planned to do some scrapping together! WOOHOO!!! Just can't wait to see you girls again!!!!! (maybe we'll get some scrapbooking done this time.. whahaha.. we might end up talking the whole time just like in January.. whaha). Oh and Lisette, so sad you won't be able to join us this time!!! We'll be thinking about you.. that's for sure!!!

Gotta run now, we're off to a goodbye party now of some friends who are moving to Thailand on Friday!!!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

We've booked our vacation!!!

I'm so excited!!! We've booked our vacation for this year!!!!!!! We'll be going to Florida for 2 weeks in June!!! Still can't believe it!!!!!! Right now we've only booked our flights and we'll looking at the rest of our trip and book our hotels in the upcoming weeks!!!! WOOOHOO!!!

Hope you're all having a great weekend until so far!!!! My weekend was great!! First of all I've been playing with my scrapbookinggoodies, I've created a layout for CreativeXpress and I've used some My Mind's Eye scraps to create this Birthday card:

Yesterday we've visited my little niece!! The last time I saw her was a couple of weeks ago!!! And she has changed so much again in the meantime!! She's turning into a real little human being.. she's watching everybody with her big eyes all the time.. so cute! And yup.. I had my camera with me!!!!!

Awww.. cutiepatootie.....

Anyways.. have you checked out THIS (Pink Paislee) fun site already???? I just found it out today.. and it's sooo cool!!!!!!!

Oh and I've been tagged by: Virginie57, Lolo, Tanya, Dominique and a couple of other girls! Thank you so much for thinking of me! I'll try to do the tag asap!!!

Well, I'm going to sit down a little bit and then I'm off to bed.. I'm so exhausted!!!! (I know.. my working week has not even started yet.. whahaha)

Thanks for stopping by again!!!!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm back..and we have a WINNER!

Hi there everybody!! I'm back!!! We've spent such a great time in France with my family and visiting our friends in the Jura!!! Such a pitty we had to go back home on Tuesday.. hehe!!

Before showing your some pictures I'd like to thank you all for your sweet comments and I'd like to anounce the winner of my RAK!! I used a random number generator this time to pick a number between 1 and 112..and it came up with number 22!!!!!!!! That means that Terrie BX is the winner!!! Girl, send me your addy and I'll send you the book asap!!!

Ok, back to our trip! Wanna see some pics?? Here are a few of them:

On Saturday we've visited the "Place Stanislas" in Nancy: On Sunday we left to visit our friends in the Jura and we were able to sit outside in the sun! So cool!!!!
On Monday they took us to see some waterfalls....
A gorgeous view....
And a lake....And on Tuesday we had to say goodbye to my grandparents to go back home... Time went by way to fast!!!

I'll leave you with 2 sneak peeks of a layout that I've finished last week for CreativeXpress. I've played with some Doodlebug goodies here.. also with the sugar coating glitter from one of my previous posts (yup.. I'm addicted to pink.. whahahahhaa)I'm going to have dinner now (my personal chef just finished cooking for me.. whahaha)


Friday, February 15, 2008

Bye bye.. and RAK TIME!!!

We're ready!! We're off to France in about 10 minutes! I'm so excited!!! Some people were wondering where exactely I'm going.. well, my grandparents live near Nancy (yup.. that's my name.. but that's also the city where my family lives... hehe).. so that means we're there withing 5 hours!!! Right now it's still very busy on the roads.. so keep your fingers crossed for us that traffic will be gone before we're there.. hehe..

Yeah..and its RAK TIME again!!!!! Yesterday I've received a package with 2 issues of Cards (February issue)!!!! You can find one my cards in this issue too!!!! I'd love to give away one of these YOU!!! Just leave me a comment in the comment section of this post and I'll pick a winner when I come back on Tuesday!!!
I'll leave you all with a little sneak peek of a layout that is pubbed in Scrapbook Magazine this month!!!!
Gotta go now.. my cutiepatootie is waiting for me!

See you all on Tuesday!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

France.. here I come!!

Yeah.. I'm almost off to France for 4 entire days!! WOOHOOO!! We're leaving on Friday to visit my grandparents and we'll be visiting some friends too who are in the neighborhood at that same moment! So excited about that! It sounds like it's going to be awesome weather too... I'm charging the battery of my camera already.. that way I'm sure to come back with a looooot of pics!!! We'll be back on Tuesday in the course of the day.

I hope you're all having a great week until so far! My week is kinda busy.. so not too much time to sit down and have some time for myself unfortunately... I did started working on a layout with some Doodlebug goodies (all pink.. hehe.. yup.. my favorite color). Did you see their new sugar coating glitter stuff??? I think I'm having a new addiction now!!!! I'm so excited that CreativeXpress added these yummie goodies to their online store, I had to order almost every single color.. hehe... LOOK... YUM YUM YUM:
I've created this little layout (which I've framed) for a friend who had her 2nd babyboy in October! I've worked with colors of their nursery (and I've used the poem from their birth announcement)....

And.. I've played with some Junkitz goodies too... I'm still so sad that Junkitz had to close their doors!!!!! I sooo love working with these fun and bright products!!!!!
Thanks again for stopping by and for your sweet sweet comments. I'll try to update before leaving.. otherwise I hope to see you all back next Tuesday!!!


Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hi there everybody! Hope you're all having a great weekend until so far! Our weekend was loaded with all kinds of things we had to do!!! The weather was great.. so today we went out for a walk with some friends!!! But I'm so happy to be able to sit down now for a little minute.. hehe..

I really think that my scrapbooking mojo is coming back! So excited about that! I've played with all kinds of goodies this weekend and ended up creating 2 layouts and a card! WOOOHOO! I'll start with showing one of the layouts!!!! I've used My Mind's eye Patterned paper here and the pictures are from our trip to Mexico in 2007.
BTW.. I'm getting more and more questions about how I'm creating the little white dots on my creations!!! Well, the open 'donut' holes are made with my Uniball Signo.. and the 'closed' dots are made with Puffy Paint by Tulip! It's some kind of 3d paint and it works perfectly for me!!! It looks like this and it's available in different kinds of colors:I'm off to bed now.. I'm having another busy week at work coming up so I'll need some extra sleep.. hehe..

Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope to be back with a fun little card-workshop soon!


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ready for some cute pics??

Hey there everybody! I hope you're all having a great week until so far!!! My week is flying by.. I've been so busy at work and at home! Just can't believe that it's almost weekend!!!

Sooooo.. last Tuesday I had my day off! And I've had so much fun shopping with my sister!! She really needed some clothes as she had not been shopping for herself for about a year (and we bought a lot.. believe me.. whahaha!!! My mom watched my little niece while we were gone! And when we came back I took these cute cute pics of Demi!!!! (can you see how much I love that little cutiepie?? hehe..) Great scrap material huh!!!

She's such a happy baby!!
But she can be serious too.. hehe...

BTW.. did you see this January issue of Cards????
Well, you can find one of my Valentine's cards in there! So cool!!! I haven't received my copy yet.. so I haven't seen it IRL yet... just can't wait!!! I've played with some Elsie goodies here!!
I'm off to see CSI Las-Vegas now!!!

Have a great day....and thanks again for your sweet sweet comments!!!! I'm working on a new layout right now.. hope to be able to show it to you in the upcoming days!!!


Monday, February 4, 2008


I was tagged the other day by my sweet friend Kimberly!! I totally forgot to post it in my previous post! So sorry about that!! So here it is now:

1. Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics:
My family & my doggies
2. Where are the two best places you've been to?

California & France
3. Name two things you do every day:

Surfing on the internet (yup.. I’m addicted)!!!
4. Tell us two things that pretty much everyone knows about you:

Uhm… I love to travel… and I loooove hot tea!
5. Tell us two things that everyone DOESN'T know about you:

I used to dance a lot for years (Ballroom dancing in a formation team), oh and I have naturally curly hair!
6. Tell us two things that got you into the hobby of scrapping:
Our US-trip in 2005 when I visited a scrapbook store, and the feeling to being creative all the time.
10. How has your scrapping changed since you started?

I’m not afraid anymore to ruine everything..and I’m using a lot more embellishments now
9. Name your two favorite sources of scrapping inspiration:

Surfing on blogs of scrappy friends & scrapbooking magazines
8. Name your two favorite scrapping tools:

My papertrimmer & holepuncher
7. Tell us two things that you want to accomplish in the next 6 months:

Plan another trip to the US (Florida!!) and create my own scrapspace
11. What scrapbooking project have you yet to try but would love to?

Uhm.. I really don’t know.. maybe ‘freestyle’ or something like that…
12. What technique do you use the most on your pages?

Inking the edges...and sewing without thread.
13. My addition: how long have you been scrapbooking?

A little over 2 years

I'm not gonna tag anyone.. but if you want to do it.... considder yourself tagged.. hehe..

Unfortunately I don't have anything new to show you.. so I'll end up with an 'oldie' that I've created a while ago (not sure if I've showed this one already):
Oh and a little sneak peek of a layout that I've created for CreativeXpress:

I'm having a day off tomorrow... WOOHOO! So happy about that! I'll be visiting my sister.. she wanted to go shopping so badly!! So I'll take her with me (and my mom will take care of my little niece). Stay tuned for some new pictures.. hehehe.

Have a great day!