Friday, May 30, 2008

It's weeeeeeekend!!!

YAY! It's weekend!!! Another busy week at work passed by..and only 3 workingdays to go and we'll be on our way to Florida (just can't believe that next week at this same moment we'll be on the plane!!) We're still preparing our stuff and I'll do some last minute shopping tomorrow.

Today it's upload day at CreativeXpress.. that means that I'm allowed now to show you the cards that I've created for April! For these cards we were challenged to use our Cricut machine to create a card set!! So that's exactely what I did... and this is what I came up with... I decided to play with some Scenic Route scraps and use other colors than I usually do..
Some details...

Here's the 2nd card...
And some more details......

I'll be preparing another little workshop this weekend which I will post before leaving on vacation next week!!! That way you'll have over 2 weeks to create your cards!!!

I'm off to bed now... oh and if you need inspiration.. don't forget check out this fun blog: Bibbis Dillerier. Johanna creates the most gorgeous things!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fun weekend!!!!


Monday, May 26, 2008

We have a winner!!!

Oh wow... just can't believe it.. but 42 of you created a card with my latest workshop!! I've had so much fun looking on all of your blogs/galleries to discover all of your beautiful creations!! They were all amazing!!!!! Soooo.. today I had my mom coming over to visit me and I asked her to randomly pick a winner from the 42 names in the hat... and she picked LIBBY! Congrats!! Send me your addy ( and I'll send you a fun RAK asap!!!!!!

Thank you so much everybody for playing along! This was so much fun (and I got so much inspiration from all of you!!) I'll definitely post another workshop soon!!!

This weekend has been so much fun!! I've created about 10 cards.. and a layout.. which you can see hereunder... I've played with some of my Making Memories Scraps here.. (pictures: from our trip to California in 2007)
And some details...
And.. look who we saw on Saturday!!! My little niece Demi! Awww.. she's such a cutie (but she wasn't feeling too well unfortunately.. she's having some problems with her lungs.. poor little baby) And yup..including a pic of Pascal and I.... hehe..
I'm having a day off today.... I had planned to do so many different things... I did some of them.. but not half of what I had in mind.. hehe! OH well.. hehe..

Wishing you all a fun Monday.. and thank you so much again for your sweet comments!!!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Thursday!

This week is really flying by..and I'm soooo looking forward to this upcoming weekend! And you know why? Well, because we have NOTHING planned! That feels sooooo good!!!!! We'll be relaxing a lot.. that's for sure..and we might start preparing some things for our trip to Florida in 2 weeks!

Anyways.. I've been scrapping a little bit this week.. I've created some fun cards for my next article for Cards-Only and I've finished this card just for ME! I've played with some Dreamstreet Papers here!!
I haven't been able to scrap too many layouts lately.. so that's definitely something I'm going to do in the next few days.. I'm having a big pile of new pictures overhere!! WOOHOO!!!

I'll leave you with a little sneakpeek of a layout that I've created for CreativeXpress.
Oh and you still have until this Sunday to link your card for my little workshop!!! I'm so happy to see all of your beautiful versions popping up here!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm so excited to see all of your beautiful creations popping up! Thank you so much for taking the time to to play along and to create a card with my workshop!!! You still have until Sunday May 25th to send in your card, I'll pick a random winner for a fun fun RAK on Monday May 26th!!!

I've been creating some cards during the last couple of days.. I'm working on a fun article for Cards-Only. So don't forget to check out the next issue!!!!!

And of course I couldn't resist creating a little card with some scraps totally for myself.. I came up with this card (patterned paper: My Mind's Eye). Not too happy how it turned out.. oh well, cannot change it anymore huh?? As you can see I've covered all the dots on the patterned paper with green jewels.

Gotta run.. my sweetie just finished making dinner (yup.. I'm lucky.. I know..hehe..)

Thanks again for all of your sweet comments (yup.. I do read them ALL!) and for stopping by!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ready for another little workshop???

Did you all enjoy your weekend and Mothersday? Our weekend has been awesome.. we've spent most of our time outside because of the gorgeous weather.. we even went for a small bike ride. I'm so happy I was able to see my little niece again on Sunday!!! She's changed so much in only 2 weeks!!!
And yeah.. it's time for another little workshop (as promissed in one of in my previous posts). It's a workshop that I've created for CreativeXpress on National Scrapbooking Day, but of course I'd like to share it with you all too!!!!

I'd love to challenge YOU to create a card following this workshop, post it on your blog or somewhere else and add a link to your card in the comments section of this post at latest on Sunday May 25th!!! I'll pick one random winner on Monday May 26th who will receive a fun fun RAK. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

Needed: Piece of white cardstock in any size you want, 1 large strip, 1 small strip and 2 tiny strips of patterned paper, 1 circle of patterned paper, 1 handcut flower, 1 clear button, a piece of floss, chipboard alphabet, 1 Prima flower, 1 photo anchor, 6 Jewels, staples, Puffy Paint (or another kind of 3d paint), a hole puncher, a corner rounder and if possible a sewing machine to stitch without thread on the borders of the cardstock and patterned paper.
Get the piece of white cardstock in front of you and fold it in half, then add the large strip of patterned paper to left part of the front of the card and layer the smaller strip on top of it as shown. (use your corner rounder to round the corners of the cardstock)
Then take the circle of patterned paper and glue them on top of the 2 strips of patterned paper (as shown)..
Take the handcut flower in front of you and add holes (with your hole puncher) to the flower petals (as shown)..
Take the clear button in front of you, add floss through the holes of the button and attach a photo anchor to it (alter your photo anchor with some jewels)
Start layering your flower now by starting with the flower, the Prima flower and then the altered clear button.
Add the layered flower to the card (as shown)..
Adhere the title of the card (Chipboard and/or rubons) to circle (or anywhere you want..)
Adhere the tiny strips of green patterned paper to the right part of the card (as shown) and add some jewels to the chipboard letters.
- Add little dots of puffy/3D paint around the circle
- Add some staples to give it a finished look


Happy Scrappin'!!!!


Saturday, May 10, 2008


.... we've waited sooooo long.. but it's finally here... the new Scrap Cards 2 book (in Dutch)!!! So excited about that!! I had the honor to participate to this book together with about 10 other talented girls!!! We had a little party at Paper and Pictures in Doorn today where all authors of the book came together to sign the books directly at the store!!! So much fun!!!! (it felt kinda funny too to sign the books like real celebrities.. whaha..)

Sooo.. here we are all together in front of the store with the book in our hands (I stole this picture from Marije her blog... thanks girl.. hehe..)

And here's the cover of the book:

To thank Truike (the 'owner' of the book) we all created a little thank you tag for her! And this is what I came up with (yup.. I'm addicted to Scenic Route these days.. I know.. whahaha, just loooove this line.. can you see?? whaha)

We're still having AWESOME weather overhere... and we're lucky to have some days off too... so we're enjoying every second of it.. yesterday we went out for a little bike ride..and we're planning to do the same tomorrow (after visting both of our moms of course.. hehe..)

Happy mothersday to all of you..,,enjoy your weekend! (I'll be able to see my little niece again tomorrow.. woohooo!!! I'm already charging the battery of my camera.. whaha)


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

~Helloooooo there~

I've been a bad bad blogger lately... I'm so sorry about that.. buuuut.. I promiss to make it up to you ok??? I've created another little workshop for National Scrapbook Day at CreativeXpress which I will post on my blog soon..

The weather has been GORGEOUS overhere..and it looks like it's gonna stay this way for another couple of days.. wooohoooo! We just had dinner in our backyard... WOOHOO! I soooo missed this... so it looks like our Summer is going to start NOW! hehe..

I didn't do too many scrapping things in the past weekend.. but I did finish this little card tonight!!! (patterned paper: Scenic Route). Melissa Philips had a cute challenge going on at her blog and CreativeXpress for National Scrapbook Day.. I didn't finish this card on time.. but it still was so much fun to play along!!!!

Susan Johannes also gave me the Arte Pico award... awww.. girlie.. that's soooo sweet!!!! Thank you so much for making my day!!!!! Girls, check out Susan her blog.. she's such an amazing sweet and talented lady!!!!!! Normally I have to pass this award to 5 other bloggers.. but I'm having the feeling most of you already received this award... and as I really cannot choose only 5 bloggers.. I decided to give you ALL this award!!!! Hehe..

I'm leaving you with a little sneakpeek of a card that I've recently created for CreativeXpress.. I'll be able to show you the rest of the card at the end of the month!!!

Thanks again for stopping by and for leaving me such sweet comments!!

Happy Tuesday!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

A layout and some days off!!!!

I've been scrapbooking a little bit this week.. I ended up creating this page.. just for ME.. hehe.. It felt sooooo good to be able to play with my scrapbooking goodies!!!! I'm having so many things that I don't know what to start using sometimes.. hehehehe...

Here's the page with some pictures from one of our walks along the river The Lek, not too far away from where we live. It was extremely windy on that day.. hehe.. (patterned paper: Dreamstreet Papers)
And some details....

We're having some days off at the moment.. so excited about that!! I've visited my sister and my cutie patootie little niece this week... and yup.. I had to take that biiiiig camera with me again.. poor little girl.. she has a personal paparazzi.. hehehe..

And yesterday it was Queensday overhere in The Netherlands, we were not in the mood to spend the day in a big city with loooots of people around us.. so we ended up visiting the beach of Scheveningen.. The weather was really bad and windy.. but we had a great time walking around there!!!
I'm off to have dinner now.. it looks like we're going to have some good weather this upcoming weekend.. YEAH!!!

Have a great day!!!