Friday, October 31, 2008

Questions, answers and 'secrets'

Yeah.. here I am with some answers to the most frequently asked questions about my work, my tools and all other things that I'm using to create my projects...

Here I go....

You use a lot of white raised/3d dots on your layouts. Could you please tell me what you use to do that? What product is it?
Well, I'm using Puffy Paint by Tulip for this.. This 3d paint which works perfectly on your creations. Just make little dots with the tip of the little Puffy Paint bottle and let it dry.... (I know that on the back of the bottle it's stated that you have to heat it with your heat tool.. but that didn't work out for me at all.. so I just let it dry this way. ) I've chosen Puffy Paint above regular 3d paint since the Puffy Paint is less luiquid. I bought this paint at Michaels and Target during one of my trips to the US.. but I'm sure there are different onlines stores selling these as well. The other little white ‘donut’ dots that I’m creating on the borders of the pictures are made with a regular white marker (like a Unibal Signo).

I was wondering what you use to make your circles, they always look so nice…
Well, I'm using the Orbis Circle cutter for this. For me this works perfectly.. but I know some people are having problems using it (IF you decide to buy one..remember to turn the wheel counter clockwise).

Your cards are so beautiful. What do you do with them when they're finished? Have you ever thought of selling them on Etsy?
Right now I'm just keeping them in little baskets in my scraproom, and some of them are always displayed in my house. Besides sending some out to friends they just stay inthere....don't know what to do with them (haha). I’ve never thought of selling my cards on Etsy.. but I see lots of cardmakers doing that nowadays…No idea if people would be interested in my creations at all...

I'm just wondering about a product you use. It looks like thread, but thicker.
The 'thread' I'm using is regular embrodery floss/thread by DMC.. This works perfectly on pages and cards.. it's so easy to attach someting to your creations with this stuff. It comes in all kinds of colors so you can make the thread match to your pages easily.

I was wondering what templates you use for your flowers?
You can find the templates in THIS post. Just print them out on cardstock and create your own templates to use over and over again.

What are the little flowers you're using on your cards and other creations?
These are mini Prima flowers.. they come in different bottles.. but I prefer the "Sweet n Sassy" ones. They're so easy to add everywhere (yup.. totally addicted.. haha..)

What are you using to create the small 'holes' in the patterned paper and cardstock?
Well, it's really really easy.. I'm using my sewing machine without thread for this!! No.. it's not my idea.. I totally 'stole' this idea from my sweet friend Peggy.

What kind of glitter are you using on your projects?
Well, I'm totally addicted to Doodlebug Sugarcoating Glitter nowadays, it comes in several colors and it's so easy to use.. I just need to add a little glitter on every project.. haha

What adhesive are you using to adhere the glitter onto your creations?
ZIG 2-way glue is my perfect solution for this!!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Well, I really don't know... when I'm in the scrappy mood I just sit behind my desk with some pictures that inspire me in front of me.. Then I start cutting and creating different shapes, I add some embellishments and when I'm done I start adhering everything onto the paper. I do love to do some blog-hopping once in a while so I definitely get inspiration from all of your work as well!

What do you use to make some details on your creations look 'shiny'.
I love to use Diamond Glaze for this. Just cover the object and let it dry for several hours to get your shiny look (it's also fun to add some regular glitters to the Diamond Glaze to give it a glittery look)

What kind of tool are you using to create the embossed details on your creations?
I love love love to use the Cuttlebug Machine.. never thought I could love a tool this much! The Swiss Dott embossing folder is my favorite at the moment... but there are so many more cool embossing folders.

What's your favorite Manufacturer?
Uhm.. I have so many.. where do I start? Besides KI Memories, Scenic Route, American Crafts, Little Yellow Bicycle, Making Memories, Piggy Tales, Queen & Co and Sassafras Lass I love to use every single brand that makes colorful and fun papers and embellishments...I just grab whatever I like...haha..

Where do you buy your goodies?
Well, I don't have a particular store I like to buy my goodies at.. I just buy things when I see them.. online or in regular Scrapbook Stores.. it just depends in what kind of mood I am.. haha.. Do you have any suggestions? I always love to discover new online stores with yummie goodies.

I hope I was able to answer some of your questions.. if not.. just let me know..

I'll leave you all with a little card that I've just finished.. I was totally inspired by a post on Melanie her blog to use some of my scraps this past week (thanks girlie!)

Wishing you all a great weekend (and a Happy Halloween!)



Lene said...


Thanks for answers ours questions and let us know your little secrets that made your work so beautiful and special!

I think you forgot to tell us one little thing, the words you put in your cards and pages is an adhesive, a stamp or what?

Have a great wekeend!


Melanie said...

Oh wow! I love the Q/A format. Tons of little secrets are now out there. Thanks so much! Love the ideas. And gosh - that card is delicious!!!! And I wondered what the surge of traffic was all about - (blush). Thanks for the plug. ;)

¤*¤Marinette¤*¤ said...

coucou nancy,
merci de nous faire partager les produits que tu utilises
les puffy moi aussi je m'en sers beaucoup hihi
c très sympa à toi de répondre aux questions des bloggueuses
ta carte est une fois de plus magnifique, j'adooore
Bon week end

Linda said...

What a sweetie you are answering everyone's questions your style and am always inspired by your beautiful creations.

Knutselfreak said...

Bedankt voor je reactie op mijn vraag. Zo te zien ben ik dus niet de enige...Je kaartje is weer fantastisch!
Groetjes, Selma

M@risk@ said...

Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks with us. Have a good weekend.

Mireille said...

super fun post! Thanks for letting us in on all your lil secrets!

Maureen said...

Thanks for all the answers on all questions!

Love your cute card!

Hanneke said...

Wat leuk om te lezen, Nancy!!

Goed weekend verder!!


Fink said...

Thanks for filling us in! You don't know if anyone would be interested in your creations??? Are you kidding!?! Like Duh!

Kristin Fields said...

Thanks for the Q&A. I've never tried the Cuttlebug, but hear so many good things about it. I have one more question for you. You've had many of your cards/layouts published in magazines. How did this come about? Do you submit your cards to the companies or do they find you? Just curious. =) I hope you are having a nice weekend over there. I got to make some new cards today. I was so excited about that. =}

JOAN said...

Thanks!! Love to read your post. Thanks for sharing your secrets.

Joyce said...

Hey !

I encountered you blog on google. Find him really super nice, you make also hartstikke beautiful solicit!

x Joyce

Alice said...

Thank you for sharing this with us!

**SCRAP-GEK** said...

hihihihi...zo alle vragen zijn weer beantwoord! LOL! leuk hoor! en ben je lekker aan het genieten van je weekend? ikke wel!!! :-) gaaf kaartje heb je gemaakt joh! enne...waar blijven die foto's van je scrapkamer, want ik begin steeds nieuwsgieriger te worden! LOL! fijne zondag! en tot Cards at the Castle!!! groetjes marije.

Ellen said...

Geweldig dat je al je scrapgeheimen met ons hebt willen delen. Je hebt zo'n eigen stijl ontwikkelt dat je jouw kaartjes altijd herkent!
En wat een lief kaartje heb je weer gemaakt!
Groetjes Ellen

Je@net said...

Super om al die vragen en antwoorden te lezen!! Toppie gedaan Nancy!
Kaartje dat je laat zien ziet erg mooi uit!
Fijne zondag en tot gauw! Ga je nog naar de KreaDoe van de week?

Romy said...

Dat zijn veel antwoorden; je hebt zeker weten alle mogelijke vragen beantwoord! Je kaartje is weer erg mooi geworden.

Iris said...

ooh meid wat een leuk kaartje weer zeg! En wat leuk dat je antwoord hebt gegeven op al die vragen! Die bloemetjes wil ik ook eens toevoegen aan mijn collectie!

Fijne zondag nog!

~Kjersti~ said...

What a really nice cards! YOu use so many bright and wonderful colours! :)

Is it ok if I lift this? It inspired me!

Nancy said...


Wat een gave kaart weer.
Ik heb je hint gezien, ik heb er wat fotos op gezet.
Ze zijn nog niet zo mooi en creatief als die van jou, maar een beginnetje is er.

Ik kom zekers weer kijken bij jou creaties.

Groetjes Nancy

marie vdk said...

Merci pour tous ces petits secrets qui rendent tes cartes superbes!!!

**Nancy** said...

Loved reading all your answers!! Gorgeous card, as always, girl!!! Love all your little details you put into them!!

eMeLiNe said...

Thanks for Sharing !! Love ALL your details ! :)

Birgit said...

Hi girlie! You know I love your cards! :) I know you're busy... but I hope you have a little time for me... I tagged you, see my blog! :)

paulien710 said...

Thanks for sharing all these secrets!!!!

Love the card!!!!

Ady said...

Ooh... Thanks for all that info. I'm loving all the flowers you use and now I'm off to check out Prima... I can't wait to see your scraproom. HINT. HINT...

France said...

Merci de partger tes "secrets" avec nous!! C'est génial!