Saturday, October 20, 2007

We have a winner!! A TOOT and a layout!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!!!! Until so far I'm having a great time.. lots of ME-time.. we did some shopping and tomorrow we will have our parents coming over for a cup of coffee..

I'm so excited to see that over 25 people decided to join my challenge!! I've seen the cards popping up everywhere.. I'm so proud of all of you.. all your creations really ROCK!!!!! Thank you so much for playing along!!! I asked my BF to draw a random winner for the RAK this morning.. and he came up with:
MIA!!! Buuut.. I had a hard time picking only 1 name.. so I had my BF to pick 2 more names for a little something.... Lisette & Marije. Congrats girls!!!! Send me an email with your addy to!!!

I will definitely be back with another workshop including a little challenge soon!!!! I promiss! This was so much fun!!

I've been busy creating during the last couple of days..'s a little sneak peek of a card that I've created for CreativeXpress!!
I'm finally allowed to show you one of the layouts that I've created for Scrap4life the other day!!! We were challenged to use ghostshapes creatively.. so I painted with acrylic paint on the back of my star-ghostshapes and added puffy paint dots to the front. It's a layout of one of my doggies (Smokey) who loves to be photographed so much.. our little star.. hehe..
BTW.. I've got some exciting news to share!!! Not only I received my Cards Magazine (October issue) this week with 2 of my cards in there (I will show these asap!), but I also got an email from them requesting 2 other cards for their March 2008 issue! I'm so excited!!! I dropped the box with the 2 cards at the Post Office this morning! WOOHOO!!!

Have you been scrapping this weekend?? I've finished another layout for Scrap4life!! YAY!! And nope.. just like the other layouts from last week I'm not allowed to show you the entire page yet.. but here's a little sneak peek of it!!!
BTW.. our new couch arrived the other day.. remember?? Well, we're sooo dissapointed about the color!! It's UGLY!! On the little piece of fabric in the store it looked sooooo differently! So today we went back to the store to discuss this issue, they happily understood everything, and they offered us another couch cover with a discount.. so that's what we did.. we'll have to wait another 4 months for it now.. but at least we know we'll end up with the color we really wanted.

Ok, enough rambling for today.. hehe.. I'll be back soon with another update and more layouts and exciting news!!!!

Have a superduper great weekend and happy scrappin'!



Marlou said...

well Nancy thats excellent news about magazine and them wanting to publish more of your beautiful work!!! love, love love the layout!! those dogs make me so happy everytime i look at them. Im now at my husband to be {6 weeks time} for a maltese pup next year :) hugzz to you enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Janny said...

oooooo ik ben te laat met mijn kaart, ik moet alleen nog even iets inkleuren, maar maakt niet uit hoor, het was zo leuk om die kaart te maken en daar gaat het om!
gefeliciteerd voor de meiden die hebben gewonnen.

wat een super LO heb je weer gemaakt en super dat je staat in Cards, dat is zo'n leuk blad ik heb hem 2 keer overlaten komen uit Amerika, helaas is die niet in Nederland te koop, tenminste niet dat ik weet.
fijn weekend Nancy!

MaMaLoT said...

Wow Nancy, your layout is beautiful! Love what you did with the ghost stars! And I can't wait for the next workshop to join! :)

Have a nice weekend (well... sunday... :))

Marsha said...

wat een mooie lo van smokey ! hij is echt superschattig ;-)

je sneak peaks zien er ook weer veelbelovend uit ...

wow ! zelfs 3 winnaars uitgekozen ! helaas zat ik er niet tussen maar ik ga zeker met je volgende challenge meedoen ...

balen dat de kleur van je bank zo tegenvalt maar gelukkig heb je er toch nog een hoes voor kunnen vinden. Die 4 maanden zijn zo voorbij en dan heb je inderdaad de bank in een mooie kleur ;-)

Ingrid said...

Congrats to the RAK winners! And congrats to you, Nancy on another pub in the Cards Magazine. So happy for you that they like your awesome card designs. The layout is gorgeous, and your sneak peek is VERY promising. I love the yummy colors that you used. Did you use your new tools for this cards? :-)

Have a nice Sunday!


Doado said...

Your layout is beautiful, full of harmony. And your Smokey is so cutty !!!
Sorry for this challenge I haven't find the time but I'm looking for your next workshop.
Have a nice sunday (in France we've a beautiful sunshine ^-^).
Hugs !!!

Karin said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!
Congrats on your pubs! You so deserve it!

scrapgek!!!!!! said...

hey Nancy!!! JOEHOE!!! wat gaaf dat ik een van de winnaars ben geworden joh! I'm soooo happy! you rock girl! heb je gemaild hoor!
;-) LOL! enne wat heb je toch weer een gave sneakpeaks.....ben zooooo benieuwd! je LO is in ieder geval al helemaal toppie! wat fijn dat het alllemaal geregeld is wat betreft je moet je wel weer wachten, maar ja...een lelijke kleur bank is veeeeeel erger!!! gaaf dat je in CARDS staat joh! helemaal super! fijne zondag en tot blogse maar weer! groetjes marije.

Rianne*Z said...

The layout is great!!!! Love it!!

Congrats to the winners!!

Have a lovely sunday!

Tinou said...

J'ai vu que tu avais un très bon français, moi je n'ai pas osé te laisser un commentaire parce que mon anglais est lamentable! Je voulais juste te dire que j'adore ce que tu fais aussi bien tes pages de scrap que ta carterie, je reviendrai encore m'inspirer chez toi.
Bizzz...! Tinou

Rozella said...

Wat een leuke nieuwtjes heb je ons weer verteld. De winnaars van de kaarten van harte gefeliciteerd. Een volgende keer doe ik zeker mee. Weer een leuke layout gemaakt en opnieuw in een magazine.....waanzinnig gewoon...hele eer. Groetjes maar weer Rozella.....

Je@net said...

Felicitaties voor de winnaars....3 stuks maar liefs! Super!
Je sneak ziet er super uit Nancy en de lo is ook weer om te zoenen!
Nog een fijne zondag!!

Mireille said...

whoa meis! fantastische layouts weer..
enne.. voor het geval je je vandaag verveeld...


(details staan op mijn blog!)

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie!

SOOO CONGRATULATIONS with your publication in MM looks great! Ofcourse it looks great, your work ALWAYS looks GREAT!! And your sneak peaks are looking very exciting! Ohhh and your doggie layout...I LOVE it!
They are so adorable!!!!

have a great sunday,


My Paper World said...

Thats fantastic news about the magazine work!
Love your layout about Smokey, very cute!

José (It's a Dutch Girlsname!) said...

Nancy, great new about that magazine! You're work is realy beautiful!
And Smokey is such a sweet doggie! :)

I'm "benieuwd" (What's the English word) how the sneek peaks look like in real!!

xx José

Sanna F said...

GREAT work as always! I really LOVE your scrapstyle! SO fun to create things for creativexpress!

Yes I have actually made a layout this weekend... it is a DT layout for Magnolia and I hope to post it tomorrow on my blog. TOday has been a hockeyday again : )
Thank you for always being so sweet to me on my blog!

HUGS from Sanna

MEG BEE said...

Too cool! I will be joining you in the March 2008 issue of CARDS... I just found out on Wednesday and I am so excited too! This will be my first publiciation... I love the layout! I'll be waiting for the next workshop!


Robyn Weatherspoon said...

I'm so happy to be finally working with you! You know I adore everything your little hands create!(LOL!)'ve been tagged! Have a wonderful week!

Peta said...

Congrats on your pub, and fantastic LO and all your other work is beautiful too.

ஐ*Beatriz Jennings*ஐ said...

BEAUTIFUL work as always! TFS :)

Wilma said...

Spannende sneakjes weer! Wat een schat van een hondje is dat zeg! Lijkt wel een modelletje :)
groetjes Wilma

Maureen said...

Mooie dingen heb je weer gemaakt Nancy! Laat ze maar komen die workshops ... doe er graag aan mee en vind je werk TOP!

Scrappermania said...

Muchas felicidades Mia!
El vistazo de tu tarjeta nueva, se ve fabuloso! El layout completo esta divino! Ojala que para el proximo reto, pueda participar!!!

domestic goddess said...

Hi Nancy, glad you got the sofa issue sorted!
Sorry i havnt been around, life is just getting in the way, lol!
Still have your little challenge to do!

Anonymous said...

hey beautiful girl! Still haven't got that puffy paint, but lovin your layouts! Saw the Mag pub, so so cool!

Birgit said...

Hey Nancy, Congrats on your toot! And maybe next time I'll be able to join your fun challenge!!! The doggy LO is to cute!

Kristi Smith said...

Hi! Just stopped by from Rachael's blog, had to tell you how cute your cards are! I don't ever make cards but yours make me want to. They are adorable!!! Love how the ones open in the middle!!!

*Fauve* said...

Ow you busy girl,you are so cool!I luv your work,you always amaze me!Too bad about the couch girly :(

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Wow Mia....Congrats on Winning!!!

Great giveaway Nancy!!!

Elizabeth said...

Nancy I tagged ya on my blog girl!!!

iris said...

congratulations about more of your work being published!! You totally deserve it. And nice little peek you got there. Can't wait to see the whole thing!:)

Malin said...

hi girlie!!!
Im back from a mini vaccation to stockholm,i hav had the best time!!
And it is always so inspiaring to check out your blog, you are Fantastic, dont forget that!!!
Congrats to being more published, you so deserve it!!!!

With love

Marga said...

Geweldig mooie lo van je hondje zeg. Prachtig! en wat een eer weer hè, dat je in Cards staat. Geweldig. Maar voor hun ook een eer dat ze jouw werk erin mogen zetten, haha!
Die sneak ziet er weer veelbelovend uit ben echt heeeeeeel benieuwd.

~KRISTY~ said...

ohhhh how adorable are those dogs! love the LO.

Hetty said...

Wow Nancy so much to catch up with on your blog, you have been a busy busy girl. Congrats on the pubs and the super duper layouts and cards, they are terrific as always. Thanks so much also for being a regular visitor to my blog, really appreciate it girlie. Hope you are having a fantastic week!

M@risk@ said...

Congrats to the girls who have won. Thank you for hosting this wonderful challenge.
Again a pub and your doggie page is too cute.

Anne Thompson said...

I was blog surfing and founds your off of Lindas. Your LO is so sweet! When I was growing up we had a dog was named Smokey! Congrats on your publication too! Anne

pascalep said...

Eh, eh ... what new great things happen aroun here ;o)) Such a busy girl !! Happy your cards are a success , as well as your challenge.Thanks for sharing your and ideas .Bizzz, Pascale

Veerle said...

He wat een leuke lo over jullie hondje!!

Nura Keif said...

Congrats my dear!!!

Monique said...

CONGRATS!!! and to the card winners too!!! Love that layout! eh...snails you say.... you mean thos long ones???? ..... no wonder you stomach makes weird sounds..;)