Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy birthday mom!

My mom is celebrating her birthday today!! I just visited her and gave her a GIANT hug... She's really my HERO and I'm so thankful she's still here with us!! I don't think I told you guys before.. My mom survived cervical cancer!! She was diagnosed about 4 years ago.. she couldn't have any surgery at that moment as the cancer had grown too far...We were devastated... they told us that the chance to survive this was minimal.... She had to go through so many painful treatments. Happily we got some good news after a couple of months...the cancer was gone.. the tumor was still there.. but without the cancer cells inside!! She's still suffering from all the treatments at the moment....she's living her life day by day..I admire her so much.. it must be so hard for her sometimes!!

We took her (and my dad) out for dinner yesterday.. here's a little picture of her opening the present we got her (a beautiful watch)...
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Our weekend was great.. but unfortunately time is always flying by way to fast during those days... I wish time flew by at work too.. hehe..

I finished this layout yesterday.. it had been on my scrap table for several days.. I was too lazy to glue everything down.. so yesterday I sat down for it..hehe... (pictures: from our Mexico trip back in April)
BTW.. don't forget that it's World Card Making day on October 6th!! Check out the Creativexpress
forums for some fun challenges on that day!!!!!!

Pascal is on his way home.. so I'd better prepare some things for dinner (I had a day off today and I didn't do anything besides grocery shopping, playing with my scrap goodies and surfing on the Internet..hehe..)

Enjoy your week!!




Sanna F said...

I LOVE your layout!!! As usual!!!
GREAT work!

Linda said...

Hey sweetie. So glad your mom is a survivor...that really takes a strong individual to survive those treatments and things, but that is great news and so happy you enjoy and appreciate her.

xoxox L

Marsha said...

Gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van je moeder ! Wat goed dat ze is genezen van kanker, kan me goed voorstellen dat het een moeilijke tijd voor je is geweest ...

Wat een supergave lo heb je weer gemaakt ! Waarmee maak jij je foto's trouwens rond ? Ik ben nog steeds op zoek naar een systeem om foto's mee rond te snijden maar weet niet goed welke ik zal kopen, er is best veel prijsverschil ...

Janny said...

gefeliciteerd met je moeder en wat fijn dat je moeder is genezen van kanker en dat jullie nog heerlijk van haar kunnen genieten!
je lootje is helemaal weer top zoals altijd!!

Ingrid said...

Hey sweetie, congratulations on your mom's birthday. I know what it is like to have one of your parents diagnozed with cancer. It turns your world upside down. Glad to hear your mom survived this terrible disease and is doing well. Fortunately my dad is a survivor too.

Your page is awesome. Can't wait to see more layouts with the beautiful Mexico pictures.


butterfly said...

Gefeliciteerd met je moeder! Wat fijn dat jullie haar verjaardag samen konden vieren. Het blijft en nare ziekte. Wij ervaren dit nu met de jongste broer van mijn man.
Trouwens, wat en leuke en mooie kaartjes. Je inspireert me om toch ook maar weer eens wat kaarten te gaan maken. groetjes Marja

CamillaB said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I found your blog today and I love your work! I have linked to your blog (as you noticed ;-)) I hope it´s ok.

Heather said...

wow, so cool about your mom. What a tremendous gift. Happy Birthday to her! your layouts are fabulous!!!!!

scrapgek!!!!!! said...

gefeliciteerd met je moeder Nancy! gaaf cadeautje heb je haar gegeven hoor! wat fijn dat ze de kanker overwonnen heeft! kunnen jullie nog lekker van elkaar genieten! want je moeder is en blijft toch je beste vriendin! bij mij in ieder geval wel....ik zou niet weten wat ik zonder haar moet!

je layout is weer helemaal super! ik hoop dat je van je vrije dag genoten hebt? en inderdaad het weekend vliegt echt voorbij! snik! nu maar hopen dat de werkweek ook zo snel voorbij vliegt! LOL! ;-)

een hele fijne week! enne....ik hou je blog in de gaten hoor! groetjes marije.

Karin said...

Great layout! I really like the way you build up your layouts.

stephanieCH said...

Fais de grosses bises à ta maman de ma part pour lui souhaiter un Joyeux Anniversaire. Je lui souhaite pleins de bonnes choses et surtout beaucoup de courage pour ses problèmes de santé.

Ta page est sublime, et ça fait plaisir de voir des photos de Mexico !!:
Bises Stéphanie

Marlou said...

Hi Nancy happy birthday to your mum, she looks lovely, what a lot to have come through, Mum's are special!!!!
Love your layout , the water is so so blue, just gorgeous xx

Wilma said...

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je moeder! Wat heerlijk dat jullie zo van elkaar kunnen genieten!
Je lootje is (natuurlijk) weer prachtig!
groetjes Wilma

pascalep said...

Happy birthday to your mom Nancy ;o)) Hope you've spent good moments with your family ...and your layout is cute ... as always !

MEG BEE said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! I love this layout too! You are awesome!


Corie said...

FANTASTIC page -- your pages are always such masterpieces!!! Happy Birthday to your MOM -- BIG BIRTHDAY HUGS

Nancy said...

I didn't know that about your happy to hear that she is cancer free! And your layout is gorgeous! I'll have to check out that site for the card challenges!

dominique said...

I am very happy that your mother is feeling ok now my dad as almost the same patern of life and is still alive. Have a nice day !!
dom xx

vroumvroum said...

Happy birthday to your mom!
Love your LO like usual! Tous les détails sont toujours hyper bien disposés! T'es tellement inspirante!!!You rock girl!!!

Rozella said...

Gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van je moeder. En wat enorme opluchting en overwinning dat ze is genezen van die vreselijke ziekte. Dat zal zeker zijn impact hebben gehad.

Je layout is zoals gewoonlijk weer geweldig. Ik blijf in herhaling vallen maar je scrapstijl vind ik super.
Een heerlijk dagje voor jezelf en heerlijk niets doen is ozo lekker.

Doado said...

Hi Nancy ! Happy BDay to your mom !
Your layout is beautiful, as always. Love the colours and the sketch.
Have a nice day !

*Fauve* said...

Happy bday to your mom,good to hear the good news!

Your layout is absolutely stunning,beautiful colors!

Je@net said...

Gefeliciteerd met je moeder Nancy!
Fijn dat jullie nog zo van elkaar en de mooie momenten samen kunnen genieten!
Je lootje is super! Vind vooral die kleine details op je lo altijd zo leuk!
Fijne week!

domestic goddess said...

beautiful LO, and wow what an amzing person your mum is, such a fighter!Happy Birthday to your mum!!

Marieke Vermeulen said...

Your layout is GREAT, again!!! And Happy Birthday with your mother. It's nice to read how much you love her!


maria W said...

hey girl how are you? happy birthday to you mom!!!!
i love the new layout too!!:)
hope you have a great week:)

Mia said...

I love your work. Your layout is amazing! I truly enjoy checking out your blog daily. Keep up the inspiration.

I am glad to hear your mother is a survivor. My mother is currently in the hospital recovering from surgery. She has bladder cancer and they had to remover her bladder. This has been quite a battle for our family to deal with. Cancer is a horrible thing to go through. I'm glad to hear that there are more survivors out there!

FYI - I nominated you with an award. Check out my blog!

Inky hugs,


Marga said...

Een beetje laat, maar alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd met je moeder. Heerlijk dat jullie nog van elkaar kunnen genieten. Dan besef je weer eens des te meer hoe dankbaar je mag zijn dat je elkaar nog hebt. Ik hoop ook dat ik nog heel lang samen met mijn moeder mag genieten.
Je layout is wederom geweldig, maar ja.. dat is alles wat jij maakt. Ik ben inmiddels toch wel een grote fan van jouw stijl hoor :)


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I'm glad you got to enjoy a wonderful weekend with your Mom and Dad celebrating her birthday. You're very blessed. My Mom passed away two years ago... Enjoy every minute with her!

I love the new layout of your time in Mexico! Great work!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...
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krystel/bob376 said...

wouahhh encore une très belle page, et la couleur de la mer est superbe !!

joyeux anniversaire à ta maman

angel said...

hoi hoi
Wat een super leuke kleurrijke lootjes heb je weer gemaakt, en kaartjes ook trouwens!!!

Malin said...

Big hugs to your mom!!!!

And as always the things you create :o i cant even find the words for how beutiful they are!!!
Lots of love
xoxox Malin

Iris said...

What a beautiful story! Lucky to have such a strong mother so you can still share everything together.

BTW love your lo. AGAIN! lol. Beautiful, sunny pictures.

Janice said...

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Karin said...

It sounds like you had a great day! You are such a beautiful couple! Love your layout!

Fink said...

I love the layout! Happy Birthday to your mom! So happy that she is cancer free!!!!

Lisette said...

Congratulations on your mum's birthday. Hopefully to many more... And those sunny pictures from Mexico look fab. Great job!

scrappermimi said...

Happy Birthday MOM! So glad she is doing well since the cancer, my mom is a breast cancer survivor twice now!Stay strong MOM!

Love that LO!

Mimi73 said...

bonne fête à ta maman!!!



Mireille said...

I girlie!
Awesome work! and congrats on your mama's bday

virginie 57 said...

bonne anniversaire la maman de nancy.... bise de moselle pour l'occasion
sinon ta page est superbe tout ce que j'aime

Cheryl Wray said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!! She sounds like a special, special lady!!

LOVE the layout! Gorgeous, as always! (And,btw, I was at a grocery store yesterday and saw your layout in the magazine. I just about jumped up and down and said, "I know her!" Well, because I kinda do. LOL)

Scrappermania said...

Que hermoso layout! y que hermosas fotografias, mi México es lindo! Que gusto haberte tenido como visitante!
From México.