Monday, July 9, 2007

Welcome to my blog!!!

I'm so excited!!! As from today I'm having a blog!! Just can't believe it!! I've been thinking about starting one for a loooooonng time.. so I just signed up here and spent some time working on it the last week..and now I'm ready to go 'live'!! hehe!!

I'm looking forward to sharing bits of me and my work with you all here. It's such a great way keeping in touch with you all too!

Check back later for pictures...updates and other stuff!!



pascalep said...

Hi Nancy ;o)) Happy you have a place where to show your love ly creations and where I can stpo by to say hello !!! Sure I'll come 1 visit you often , girl !!!
E, eh ... LOVE all the pink here ;o)) Bisous,

P.J said...

Hi Nancy!!
LOVE the blog...i will check it out often! Thanks for sharing the link.

Michelle {mshell from OPAAT}

na_ch said...

nice to meet you
I want to wish you welcome in blog's planet !!
see you soon

vroumvroum said...

Hi Nancy! I will come and visit your blog often!!!
vroumvroum xxx

Cathy said...

Hi Nancy, great blog..


Ingrid said...

Hey girl, welcome to the blog world. :-)) You already know that you are in my list of favorites. Have fun!

BTW, thanks for listing me on your blog.

Janice said...

Oh Nancy!! I love your gorgeous Blog Girl!! I will be here often checking things out!!

Glad you are a Blogger now!

Michelle said...

Hey Nancy! Can't wait to see more on your blog! :D

dawntaranto said...

Hi Nancy! Great job, love your blog! I will be back to visit too. TTYS!
dawntaranto :)

Wendy Reed said...

YAY Nancy, you have a blog! Hey cutie!!!

Aline said...

y Nancy, welcome in blog's world! I'm sure I'll visit you often. :))

Wati Basri said...

great start....can't wait to see more entries :)

domestic goddess said...

yeah so pleased to see you have started a blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Nancy!!

Greetz Hanneke

TessaAnnWatte said...

Hi Nancy!
So glad you have your own blog :) It's so pretty!
Yes, we are most definitely having some HOT summer weather here in Oregon. We are having issues with forest fires which is scary, but the flowers are in bloom and the sun is shining bright!---Sending some your way :)

Have a wonderful day!!
Tessa Ann

Olympia said...

Hello Nancy,

what a great news (that I discover just now because I've been abroad a long time without internet).I will be really happy to follow your work on this blog.

E.T said...

I am lucky to have found this blog! Thanks to Stef's link. I went thru your entire blog and it is super cool! You have that bright fun edge in making cards that i loove!

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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