Monday, July 30, 2007

Rolodex thingy and a little card..

I hope you all had a great weekend!! Ours flew by way too fast!!! Just can't believe its Monday already!!!

Not too much to share today.. besides this little Rolodex thingy: I started creating these for some friends a little while ago! Ever tried this before?? It's so much fun!!!!! I started with a blank Rolodex-card which I altered on both sides.. I added my picture, my name and address details..and there it was!!!!
I finished this simple card yesterday, I'm having some deadlines coming up.. but I sooo wanted to create something else too..whahaha!! I played with some Elsie-scraps and I created my own notebook paper by punching holes in my patterned paper (thanks for the idea Peggy!).

I'm so excited that I've had over 1000 visitors already since I started my blog about 3 weeks ago! Never thought anyone would ever stop by to read my blurbs...hehehe...!!

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and for stepping by! Blogging is so much fun!!!! Yup.. another addiction.. whahahaha..

Have a great day!!


Aline said...

Hey sweetie, love your blog! :)

And the altered rolodex looks fun, one thing more on my to-do-list.

Have a great day!

Aline said...

Oh, forgot to say sth. about the card: love it, as always. I am not able making cards, every time I try I have to spend more time than creating a layout. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love that card!!

XxX Hanneke

pascalep said...

Bonjour Nancy,

So glad to stop by your blog and looking at your lovely creations !!! My God, you ARE the queen card .. and your layouts still always " blown" me ( hope you understand what I mean !!!!)
Hope you're fine, girl.
See you soon .Bizzz from France ;o))

Janny said...

wooow wat een prachtige kaart heb je gemaakt Nancy en wat leuk die gaatjes zo! en die rolodex is ook een erg leuk idee, ik heb nog nooit zoiets gedaan, maar misschien iets voor de toekomst!

Mandy said...

My rolodex-thing is still catching dust in my attic, i need to get it down and start workin' on it LOL. Love how your rolodexcard turned out! And love the other card too!

Marlou said...

These are excellent Nancy :) love the elsie card xxx

shirls said...

congrats on the 100 visitors! you should have started a blog ages ago:) love the projects!

Je@net said...

Wow girl, you made a really sweet card with the Elsie papers!! Love it!!
The rolodox card is a cutie too!! How cool to work on such a small card!!

Nat said...

love the altered rolo dex card- and your card is amazing!!!!

Doado said...

Waouh Nancy this card is soooooo beautiful ! Love the colours.
I'm very happy to see your new blog. I add it to my favorite !
Have a nice day !

Marie Starr said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! Love your work, Nancy!!

Iris said...

Hey, leuk dat je een kijkje hebt genomen op mijn blog. Jouw blog ziet er super uit hoor! Je maakt mooie dingen! Ik houd je blog in de gaten! ;)

Eminepala said...

Hi sweetie

Gorgeous stuff again girl...

Glad you started blogging... it's fun isn't it ?


Rachael said...

Love the rolodex card and your layout!!

Very cute!!

vroumvroum said...

Well, don't be surprised of all the visitors you get! Your work is amazing and it is an inspiration to lots of girls I'm pretty sure! It's always a pleasure to me to see your new creations!
Have a great day!

Val xxx

MaMaLoT said...

Hey Nancy,

love your rolodex card! I did some rolodexswaps at some messageboards, so my rolodex is filled with cute, colorful cards. So nice to have on your desk!

Your card is beautiful!!! Just like the layouts in your posts before. Really like your style!

Anna Sigga said...

Hi girl - thanks for stopping by at my blog! ;o) Your card is fab and I love the puncing holes idea - and your roladex card is too cute!

Wati Basri said...

great alter item....and love that card :)
woohooo...1000!! :)

Peggy Severins said...

Oh my gosh, great card so pretty and ehm well your welcome ;)

Anonymous said...

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