Monday, February 4, 2008


I was tagged the other day by my sweet friend Kimberly!! I totally forgot to post it in my previous post! So sorry about that!! So here it is now:

1. Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics:
My family & my doggies
2. Where are the two best places you've been to?

California & France
3. Name two things you do every day:

Surfing on the internet (yup.. I’m addicted)!!!
4. Tell us two things that pretty much everyone knows about you:

Uhm… I love to travel… and I loooove hot tea!
5. Tell us two things that everyone DOESN'T know about you:

I used to dance a lot for years (Ballroom dancing in a formation team), oh and I have naturally curly hair!
6. Tell us two things that got you into the hobby of scrapping:
Our US-trip in 2005 when I visited a scrapbook store, and the feeling to being creative all the time.
10. How has your scrapping changed since you started?

I’m not afraid anymore to ruine everything..and I’m using a lot more embellishments now
9. Name your two favorite sources of scrapping inspiration:

Surfing on blogs of scrappy friends & scrapbooking magazines
8. Name your two favorite scrapping tools:

My papertrimmer & holepuncher
7. Tell us two things that you want to accomplish in the next 6 months:

Plan another trip to the US (Florida!!) and create my own scrapspace
11. What scrapbooking project have you yet to try but would love to?

Uhm.. I really don’t know.. maybe ‘freestyle’ or something like that…
12. What technique do you use the most on your pages?

Inking the edges...and sewing without thread.
13. My addition: how long have you been scrapbooking?

A little over 2 years

I'm not gonna tag anyone.. but if you want to do it.... considder yourself tagged.. hehe..

Unfortunately I don't have anything new to show you.. so I'll end up with an 'oldie' that I've created a while ago (not sure if I've showed this one already):
Oh and a little sneak peek of a layout that I've created for CreativeXpress:

I'm having a day off tomorrow... WOOHOO! So happy about that! I'll be visiting my sister.. she wanted to go shopping so badly!! So I'll take her with me (and my mom will take care of my little niece). Stay tuned for some new pictures.. hehehe.

Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

gorg Lo Nancy..loved reading a bit about you..& you and your sister have a great time together shopping....:)xxx

Amy Coose said...

Loved reading all your answers. I had curly hair just like you do until I had my kiddos, so enjoy it while you can! ;) Great LO, and I can't wait to see ALL of the CE one.

MEG BEE said...

I love learning new things about you. Great tag! Love the layout, you look super tan.


Janice said...

So glad you did this fun tag! I love to read these things... I knew most of them.. like I bet you knew mine too!! LOL!
Chat with you soon Girly!!
Lovin' the peek too! ;)

Janny said...

wat leuk om al die dingen over je te lezen en je Lo is weer een topperrrr!
veel plezier vandaag met winkelen!

Aline said...

Beautiful layout and the sneak looks great! Have a fantastic week! :)

SCRAP-GEK! said...

hihihih....leuk om te lezen allemaal Nancy! enne...gave LO joh! super! groetjes marije.

Leontine said...

Nancy, I love you layout again...and the sneak is also promissing!! You use circles a lot...I think I will do also next time...just for a change, haha. Hugz Leontine

Chantal said...

Wat leuk dat jij ook gedanst hebt!! ik doe het nog steeds niet in teamverband (was ik niet goed genoeg voor) maar gewoon voor de fun!!

leuk om zo eens iets meer van je te lezen...

Sanna F said...

WOW what a lovely layout! I always get so happy when I look at your creations!!!
GREAT work! And very inspiring!
Hugs from Sanna

Ady said...

OOh I see your coming to Florida. If you decide to head down to Miami let me know so we can do something. Would love to meet you IRL... I might tag myself.

Rozella said...

Love to read something about you. Shopping sisters hiihihi. That will shopping and shopping and shopping....We girls like that a lot. Have fun. Rozella

vroumvroum said...

Premièrement Nancy ta petite nièce est adorable! Deuxièment, ta coup de cheveux est superbe! Troisièment, tes pages son toujours aussi belles et inspirantes! Quatrièment, enjoy your day off tomorrow!

Bisous Valérie xxx

kathy marie said...

what a cool tag and a great way to get to know you better. have fun shopping! love the layouts!!!

Karin said...

Great layouts! Always love to look at your decorations. Shopping is great!!!

Marie said...

Ta page est toujours si gaie... j'adore!!!
Merci pour tous ces petits renseignements sur toi...nous sommes de vraies curieuses!!

*Fauve* said...

Your hair is grgeous sweety!Woohoo HOT girl LOL Anyway those beach pictures look beautiful,wow maybe someday... :)

cissoux said...

Ta page est superbe, comme toujours. Pour ce qui est du tag, lol, j suis trop mauvaise en anglais pour comprendre, mdr.

Peg said...

Love to read your answers !
Very beautiful layout ....

caroline said...

je tenais a vous dire que j'adore ce que vous faiteet je trouve les couleurs que vous utilisez magnfiques.
Désolée de ne pas avoir écit le message en anglais mais je ne suis pas très douée dans cette langue.
Bonne journée.

Marjolein said...

Love the tag, nice to know a bit more about you!!
Layout... yummie as always!!! Hope you had a great day shopping!

Je@net said...

Leuk om te lezen Nancy!!
En wat een gave lo heb je weer gemaakt!
Hoe was je shopdag gisteren? Leuke dingen gekocht??!!

My Paper World said...

Nancy! Your sneak peek is such a tease! I cant wait to see more!
Nicola xx

Scrappermania said...

Hermosoooooooo Nancy! Como siempre bellisimos tus Lo´s! Me encanta los colores que siempre usas! Son en verdad bellisimos! Felicidades!

**Nancy** said...

HI Nancy! I've been meaning to stop by your blog in like forever! Life has just gotten really crazy around here! But we won't get into that! I don't want to bore you! It's so good to see some *nancvdb* layouts! Love it! BTW, your hair looks great! I miss my long hair! Waaaaaah! I'm starting to let it grow back out! It's going to be awhile. hehe!

Karen said...

Hey Nancy, I love the page! It's great. If you are looking for new fonts to use for your site, check out Fontmarketplace. It has a ton of fun fonts and even a scrapbooking kit. Check it out!


butterfly said...

Eindelijk weer even tijd om bij je langs te komen op je blog. Geweldig wat je weer met ons deelt. Je haar is trouwens ook leuk.

Anne Thompson said...

That's a fun tag! I love your fun bright lo's!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Hey Nancy,

I haven't emailed you back, but I will soon! I promise! So sorry about that! I've had a crazy week!!! I will give you lots of info, OK! :-) I didn't know you were a ballroom dancer. Very cool.


luciefairy said...

coucou nancy,
j'avais loupé plein de tes pages!!!!!
elles sont toujours aussi belles en tous cas!!!!
un grand bravo