Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back home!! (and a layout!)

Yeah.. I'm still a life!!! We're back home (we arrived on Monday evening) after a loooong trip of more than 24 hours... I'm still exhausted because of the jet lag.. but I had to work already today.. so no time at all to be tired... back to the real world!

Here's one of the last pictures we took in the US.... just to remind us of our awesome trip!!
Hope you're all doing OK! Thank you so much for your sweet comments during my trip..and for stopping by each time I updated my blog!!!!!

As promised in my last post with the sneak peek, here's the complete layout that I wanted to share with you. I created this page a couple of months ago with Scenic Route papers (pictures from our 2006 USA trip)
My sweet friend
Kimberly tagged me the other day (thank you so much girlie!).. so here I go!!! The tag is to list 7 random things about me I've done this before but it's been a while so I thought I'd do it again!

So, here are some random facts about me:
1. I love to sit on the couch each night with a little blanket (as I'm always cold) and my laptop on my knees.
2. I love to eat snails... yup.. a loooot of them.. in garlic sauce.. yum yum...
3. I'm always wearing some kind of lipstick!!! I just can't live without it!!!!
4. I'm addicted to RANCH dressing.. unfortunately we don't have that over here in The Netherlands.. so I brought a looooot back with me from the US... hehe...
5. My favorite color is PINK (but I guess you guys know this already huh..).. just can't get enough of this color...I need to wear or use something pink each and every day
6. I've watched the complete "Friends" series for about 10 times already (and more will probably follow.. hehe)
7. My dad is Dutch, my mom is French.. so that means I'm Duench.. whahaha... I'm having a French passport but I'm living in The Netherlands.

On my turn I would love to tag the following sweet girlies: Fauve, Ingrid, Linda, Mandy, Marije & Malin

Still no sign of my Memory Makers magazine.. such a bummer!!! But I'll hope to receive it somewhere this week (I missed the DHL man already twice this week!)!!!!!! So be sure to check back for the pictures.. hehe...

Wishing you all a great day.. and 'talk' to you soon!!


Ingrid said...

Hey sweetie, good to hear you're back home. Missed you! It was great to read your blog and be part of your holiday a little. :-) Your layout is great as ever. Did you buy lots of scrap goodies in the USA? Thanks for tagging me. I did this one too. :-) We really need to set a date with Mandy soon. See you!


Rozella said...

Welkom terug Nancy. Zo te lezen en ook gezien heb je een fantastische vakantie gehad. Valt dan weer niet mee om weer aan het werk te gaan. Je layout is weer als vanouds "great". Ben benieuwd naar je volgende layouts...Groetjes, Rozella

Nili said...

Welcome home. I enjoyed your trip with you...great photos :)

Wilma said...

Voelt het goed, weer met beide benen op Nederlandse grond? Je hebt weer een prachtig lootje gemaakt!

Je@net said...

Welcome back girlie!!
Wat hebben jullie genoten de afgelopen tijd zeg! Heerlijk om mee te genieten terwijl we in ons koude kikkerlandje zaten!
Je lootje is super, prachtig papier dat Scenic Route!!

megan said...

Glad you made it home safely! Now I can't wait to see some pages all about your adventures.

And no ranch dressing??? I would die. I LOVE that stuff on everything!

pascalep said...

Welcome back girlie ;o)) It was to nice to follow your US adventures ( so beautiful pics ... thaks for made me dream !!!). your lo's are always stunning and this one is no exception ! Bizzzz, pascale

Silvitanova said...

Good to see you back!

Marlou said...

welcome home!! lovely to have you back and what a fantastic layout, beautiful and the pictures you have taken are beautiful too xx

virginie 57 said...

bien que je ne pije pas un mot d'anglais..... j'me doute que tu as du passer des vacances de reves..... ta page est excellente comme d'hab, les couleurs, vous, l'ambiance, le mise en page, tout y est

Marsha said...

Fijn dat je weer terug bent in Nederland maar wel balen dat je al weer meteen aan het werk moest :-S

Leuk om die 'feitjes' over jou te lezen, een heleboel dingen komen mij ook wel bekend voor (ik ben ook een enorme koukleum, en ik hou ook ontzettend veel van roze :-D)

Wat een supermooie lo is het geworden !

Hopelijk krijg je de DHL man snel te pakken ;-)

Lainey said...

Glad you made it back okay! 24 hour trip? Yikes! Hope it was worth it! :)

Stacy Armstrong said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. Congrats on your CX DT!!
I love Ranch dressing too.......not sure about snails....I've had them once. I love your LO...the circle pics are fantastic! very creative design.

vroumvroum said...

Ma petite Florence serait heureuse de manger des escargots à l'ail avec toi, elle en rafole!!!

Ta page est tout simplement magnifique j'adore ces papiers de Scenic Route!

Bon retour chez toi!

On s'est ennuyés!

scrapgek!!!!!! said...

welcome bach Nancy! zo te lezen heb je een super tijd gehad! balen dat je meteen weer aan het werk moet joh! thanks for tagging me! gaaf! groetjes marije.

carina said...

welcome home, you´ve been missed=), It sounds like you had a great trip!
And as always, I LOVE your layout!!

*fauve* said...

Aweee thanks for tagging sweety,will do it right away!That picture is so cool!Didnt your boy think it was HOT??So many clothes aaaaah!!!Well good to have you back sweety,looking forward to see your work!Hope you have your mag soon!

luciefairy said...

encore une splendide page...j'adore vraiment ton style!!!
que du bonheur à regarder!!!!

Janny said...

heee Nancy fijn dat je er weer bent, ja dat zal even tegenvallen om direkt weer aan het werk te moeten, maar je kunt wel terug kijken op een fantastische reis!
en je LO is weer een beauty!!

christiane said...

welcome back, girl!! love what you did with the sr-papers!! :))

Nancy said...

Great photos, Nancy!!! Welcome back!

Doado said...

Welcome home Nancy !!! Your photos are beautiful !
Your layout is so beautiful too. Love the colour you used with the black and white photos.
Bizzzzzzz !

Corie said...

I hope you had a FANTASTIC time!! Love the tidbits of info.

Mimi73 said...

encore une beauté de page signée Nancy!!!!!!!! Tu as très bien travaillée avec les papiers Scenic Route!!!

Bravo pour ce beau travail!


Janice said...

Yeah Girly.. I'm glad everyone else gets to see this yummy LO!! It's even more gorgeous in person too!! hehe!!
I hope you get your MM box soon!

domestic goddess said...

glad you are home in one piece hun!! Love that photo of you on your LO, stunning!
try and have a relaxing weekend

Staci Compher said...

how cute are you two!!!! love it!!!

Sanna F said...

Good that you are home again!
Great to see a new beautiful layout from you !!!

Kimberly said...

LOVE your fun random facts! hehehe...and I can not believe you have no RANCH DRESSING there...That stinks! Miss you girly...and so glad you are home safe and sound too. xoxo
Love ya,

Rachael said...

Welcome home!! :)

Bidi44 said...

What's a beautiful LO!!! I love it (and I love Papers Scenic Route!!!)

lasey said...

Superbe page, très dynamique !!